A Day On Coco Cay

A Day On Coco Cay

A Day On Coco CayA Day On Coco Cay

Surrounded by the gentle, translucent waters of the Caribbean, the secluded island of CocCay awaits.  Royal Caribbean and Azamara Club Cruises use this as their private island in the Bahamas.  Beach goers can blissfully bask on the white sand shores reserved exclusively for cruise guests.  Explore the adundant marine life in its natural habitat.  Book a parasailing adventure 400 feet above the island or enjoy the high speed thrill of wave runners. Kids and adults alike will find non-stop action at the aqua park with in-water trampolines or rent a cabana to enjoy some quiet time.

Arriving At The Island

When the cruise ship arrives near the island, it will not actually go right to the port. This is because the water’s too shallow and they must anchor a few hundred yards away. You will need to tender in on a small boat to get to the island. There is no charge to use these boats. The biggest drawback is that there can be a line to get on the boat. However, you can see some incredible views of the island during the boat ride over.

Once On The Island

There is a beach area, with beach chairs to the left of where you get off of the tender. There are also hammocks to lounge around in as well that are located to the right. If you are looking for less crowds and a more secluded experience, walk a little ways to Barefoot Beach. It’s about a 10-15 minute walk and they have an aqua park available that costs around $22 and is a great place for kids to play. It can sell out so it’s a good idea to book it prior to going on the cruise. There are a lot of other water related activities to partake in on the island. Kayaking, parasailing and going on a seadoo are all popular things to try. You do have to rent these items as well. For those that want some privacy, there are cabanas available to rent. They cost $250 and are available to suite guests first and any remaining cabanas are available to everyone else on a first come, first serve basis. Besides the price, one of the drawbacks of the cabanas is that you don’t have access to the water directly from them.

What To Eat

Passengers can enjoy a complimentary buffet style lunch. Items tend to include hamburgers, ribs, chicken and baked beans. There are some bars on the island as well. One of the signature drinks they serve is the Coco Loco.

Where To Shop

Passengers can visit the Coco Logo Shop to buy CocoCay merchandise. This is the only place on the island to buy souvenirs. A perk of shopping here is that passengers can use their Seapass cards to make purchases.

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