Guide to Black Singles Cruises

More and more travel agencies are catering their cruises toward black singles (or just single people in general). A black singles cruise caters to African American travelers who are looking to have fun with other single black travelers–sometimes with sometimes without a love connection.

When looking for a singles cruise, one of the most important things to do is to make sure that you book with a travel agency that specializes in black singles cruises. This is important because the travel agent will more than likely have secured a group rate for all singles who are traveling on the cruise. They also usually plan activities that are included in the price of the cruise with the group event planning coordinator for the ship. Activities like games, dances, shore excursions/tours, speed dating, pre-cruise and post-cruise parties, and any type of social gathering where black singles have a chance to meet and mingle usually come along with your singles cruise package.

What is the Cost of the cruise? Each travel package will be different depending on the travel agency/cruise ship line that you use but most of the time your cruise will be all inclusive to make it easier on the traveler (you). A good singles cruise package will cover the cost of your room, food, and all activities/excursions planned for the group.

Are singles cruises more expensive? It depends. When you are a solo passenger and you don’t wish to be paired up to share a room/cabin with anyone else, then some cruise lines charge you 200% of the regular rate because you are taking the cabin space of 2 people for one single person (in other words losing the cruise line money). So, what a lot of cruise lines will do is charge you double the cruise rate and port charges. Some singles cruise travel agents will pair people up to avoid this cost. It will be up to you whether you want to spend double the rate sometimes in order to have a cabin to yourself; OR be paired up with someone for the week to save money (you’re not going to be in your room much anyway on the cruise BUT people DO have their preferences).

*Note: A good agency will try to match you with another single of the same gender and age range if you prefer to room with someone vs. alone*

How many men vs. women will be on the cruise? The ratio of men to women on the cruise will vary BUT most of the time a good travel agent will try to have a good mix–so just ask. Travel planners strive to have a 50/50 mix of gender on the cruise (unless its a gay singles cruise) so that you will rebook with them another time and have good things to say about the trip when you are back.

Is everyone on the ship going to be single? Most of the time no. Unless an agency with a singles group has booked the ENTIRE ship, your singles group will just be a special group aboard the ship that includes passengers booked with other agencies or who booked themselves. This doesn’t mean that you might not meet someone OUTSIDE of the singles group that you are booked with though…

What are some companies who book black singles cruises? Check out our page on black singles cruises for recent groups that we’ve found.


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