How To Host A Game Night

Hosting A Game Night + A List of Adult Games

Game night is not just for kids anymore!  Adult game nights are becoming more and more common thanks to an abundance of fun, adult-themed games on the market.  If you are thinking of hosting a game night but not sure where to begin, we have some great tips for hosting an adult game night, plus a list of popular adult games, to make it the best game night ever.

It’s good to have some pre-game introductions for guests who may not know each other.  You could go around the room and have each person introduce themselves, or you could come up with some icebreakers to get the conversations started and have your guests feel comfortable and welcomed.

Snacks & Drinks
As with every get-together, refreshments are a vital ingredient to the mix.  A good mix of snacks and finger foods, as well as drinks.  If you are serving alcohol, have enough non-alcoholic beverage options for your guests as well.  Game night should be a fun, casual environment, so you can set up a buffet-style table with party platters, snacks, sweets, and drinks to allow your guests to help themselves as they like.  Another option is asking your guests to each bring a snack or appetizer to your game night party. 

Schedule Breaks
Take periodic breaks from all the fun and games so you and your guests don’t get bored or tired.  This is a good time for guests to use the restroom, refill on snacks, and mingle.  It also helps to announce the last round or game of the evening, or have a predetermined end-time.

Adult Games

Cards Against Humanity
This adult card game is a hilarious take on a fill-in-the-blank sentence game.  It results in funny, gross, and raunchy adult-themed phrases that will have all your guests laughing.

What Do You Meme?
This is a great adult-themed game where players come up with captions to create their own funny, and sometimes inappropriate, memes.  Whoever comes up with the funniest meme wins.

Never Have I Ever
All your guests will get to know each others most embarrassing moments in this hilarious question and answer game. 

That’s What She Said
Similar to Cards Against Humanity, you mix and match cards to create hilarious innuendos and phrases that will have all of your guests at adult game night cracking up.

Exploding Kittens
This kitten-themed Russian-roulette-style card game where all the players try to avoid drawing cards with the Exploding Kitten on it or you are out of the game.


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