How Travel Changes Who You Are

Traveling can be one of your favorite pastimes. Not only is it enjoyable, but it gives you a chance to get away from your busy life for a bit. What’s interesting is that there are actually some ways that travel changes who we are. Many of these changes tend to stick with us long term and can be very beneficial in our day to day lives.

Even if you are visiting one of the richest countries in the world, you will see that the locals probably don’t live like you. They may have to do without basic necessities that we don’t realize are luxuries to others. Seeing this can make you become a more compassionate person as you see what it’s like to live like others do.

Not everything always goes as planned when you are traveling. Flights can be late and hotel reservations sometimes get lost. While this can be inconvenient, it’s not the end of the world. These problems eventually sort themselves out with a bit of patience. If you travel a lot you will realize that being patient is really the key to getting things taken care of. That less than cooperative receptionist may end up being more than willing to help you if they see that you are being patient and not losing your cool. You may find that by carrying patience over to your everyday life that you and those around you are happier.

Many of us like routines and predictability. However, some of the best adventures we can have while on vacation can happen because we are being spontaneous. Even if you are often afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, you may start to realize that spontaneity is a good thing. Your life really can be fuller if you let go of your routine from time to time and just see what happens.

For one reason or another, we may not be as friendly as we used to be. When you are traveling and you have a local go out of their way to help you, it’s almost impossible to not be friendly towards them. Acting nice to people, even to those who are strangers, can carry over to your daily life, long after you’ve returned home from your adventures abroad.

Missing that spark you had a while back or that zest for life? What you just might need is to go on a vacation. Taking some time just for yourself can allow you to clear your mind and get your creativity back. Even just going on a short vacation can ignite that creativity that you thought you lost.


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