Why You Need To Travel to Europe More

Don’t let fear of racism hold you back from seeing the world.  European in certain places (such as France,) can be rude in general to Americans. If you are worried, we can tell you that traveling in a group is the way to go.  For those that want to travel solo, there are Minority Travelers Forums you can read so that you can see what other travelers have been through when traveling to that region.

It Will Become More Normal
Depending on where you go in Europe, you might run into locals that are pretty uneducated about blacks. They don’t realize that a lot of people of color were actually born outside of Africa. The more blacks that travel to Europe, the more normal it will seem. It’s a great way to educate others and combat rude remarks or awkward stares. African Americans are smart, educated, fun and so many other things! The more blacks travel to Europe, the more Europeans will get the chance to see all of this.

For The Most Part You Will Feel Like A King Or Queen
While there will always be some locals that may treat you not the best because of the color of your skin, other locals will treat you very well. Since blacks are rarely seen in certain areas, it’s not uncommon for some locals to be very curious and want to talk to you and perhaps buy you a free drink or two when you are out to dinner. Some may feel creeped out if someone wants to touch they hair or skin or just seems overly fascinated with them. If you find yourself in this situation and start feeling that the encounter is too creepy, politely excuse yourself and walk away.

The Overall Experiences Will Be Memorable
The European culture is rather interesting which makes for a lot of memorable experiences. There are so many extraordinary sights to see and a lot of blacks are missing out by not taking the time to travel to Europe. Fortunately, there are so many ways to travel to this area and see much of it with ease. For those that want to get to really know some of the sights on a more personal level, a tour is a great option. Cruises are perfect for those that want to see a lot of areas in a short amount of time. Blacks who do make it a point to travel to Europe will find that there are so many different ways to see the different cities that are part of this continent.


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