Shopping On Grand Bahama Island

Shopping On Grand Bahama IslandShopping On Grand Bahama Island

Many people visit Grand Bahama Island just to shop. Who can blame them though with all of the unique retailers that cater towards tourists. Since 1992, the government removed import duty on many goods which allows tourists to get a really good deal. These are some of the most popular places for tourists to shop on Grand Bahama Island.

Freeport Harbor

This shop is frequented by cruisers and it’s often their first stop due to its location and the variety of shops that can be found here. The straw market is fairly popular as it’s a great place to buy souvenirs. If you want to buy quality items, be on the lookout for those that say “Authentically Bahamian” on them.

Port Lucaya Marketplace

This is sort of a one stop shop for tourists. It’s also especially popular among cruisers since the cruise port is located very nearby. Here you will find around 30 shops and stands that sell homemade items. Things to buy here include perfumes and jewelry.

The International Bazaar

This is a shoppers dream with 10 acres of different shopping venues. Here you can find unique items from around the world. You can definitely do some haggling here and it’s best to only display small bills so the seller doesn’t think you have a lot of cash on you. You can find everything from watches to leather goods at The International Bazaar.

The Curiosity Shop

Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you can still find some great items to take home at The Curiosity Shop. They have quite a bit of jewelry, perfumes and trinkets available to purchase. You may even be able to do a little haggling here to get the prices down even lower.

Harley Davidson Freeport

This store is a motorcycle lover’s dream. Not only can you generally see a few motorcycles, but a variety of bike accessories as well. There are also plenty of souvenirs, including t-shirts available to purchase.

Cariloha Freeport

Sure, you will find a lot of stores in the Bahamas selling clothing, but how many of them sell wearable items made out of bamboo? There are a variety of items to be found here including shirts and dresses. Surprisingly, these clothing items are quite soft thanks to the manufacturer using refined bamboo.

These are just some of the many places to shop on Grand Bahama Island. Remember, most retailers will haggle a bit so don’t settle for the price that’s on the sticker. If the retailer is not willing to haggle, there’s a good chance that you can find a similar item at another shop for a better price.


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