Things to do in St. George, Grenada

There is so much to do in St. George and the surroundings areas that you might have a difficult time deciding what to do while you are in Grenada. The weather is almost always amazing so you should definitely spend as much time as possible outdoors while you are here. This is what to do with just one day in St. George.

Wander The Streets
St. George is filled with narrow streets and brightly colored houses. It fun to just walk around to explore the area and take it all in. There’s a reason why many travelers think it is the most beautiful area in the Caribbean.

Grand Anse Beach
There are 45 beaches in total in Grenada, but if you can only visit one of them, you should definitely go to the Grand Anse Beach. It’s two miles in length and features white sand and blue water. There are also numerous brightly colored fishing boats that tend to dot the water which adds to the appeal of it all.

The Market Square
When it comes to shopping you will have a lot of options, but should make it a point to make a stop at Market Square. There’s everything available from spices, to produce, to crafts. If you are looking for variety of things to purchase, this is the place to go.

Grand Etang National Park And Forest Preserve
For those looking for a way to stretch their legs, they should visit the Grand Etang National Park and Forest Preserve. It features numerous hiking trails as well as the gorgeous Grand Etang Lake. A highlight for visitors is the amount of wildlife located here including the mona monkeys.

Belmont Estate & The Grenada Chocolate Company
In order to escape the heat, head over to the Belmont Estate & The Grenada Chocolate Company. While here you can go on a tour to learn about the 300 year old plantation and some of the spices that are processed here. These include nutmeg, ginger, tumeric and pimento. You can also see the goat milk farm, gardens and museum located throughout the 400 acres. Onsite there is a restaurant to stop at if you do happen to get hungry and want to grab a bite to eat.

River Antoine Rum Distillery
If you are into rum, you really need to check out this distillery. It’s been open since 1785 so they really know how to make rum just right. There are guided tours available that show visitors the entire rum making process. One of the best parts of the tour is that visitors can enjoy a free sample of the rum afterwards.


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