Travel Resources

Hey there! On this page we would like to highlight the BEST travel resources on the world wide web that will help you to keep more money in your pockets when you are on your next cruise vacation. If you have any suggestions to add to this list, please email us.

Booking Your Cruise

    • Expedia has the best cruise travel deals and they make it completely simple to book online. If you need support after booking, just give them a call. Check out the “Last Minute Cruise Deals” and score a cruise vacation sometimes for less than $35 a day!


Travel Insurance

  • Allianz Travel Insurance: Travel insurance for your cruise is a MUST-because you don’t know what’s going to happen. Most cruise lines will not give you a refund if you don’t purchase travel insurance through them (for a cabin of 2 you could pay upwards of $200 going through the cruise line). You can get MORE protection through Allianz Travel Insurance (purchase your plan online) for as low as $50 TOTAL for 2 passengers (*less in some cases depending on the state that you live in). 




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