Travel to Haiti

To Begin – I want you to think of Haiti as a country, and all the pre-conceived notions – if your thoughts are not of the beautiful waters and the delicious food; delete them from memory. If you have not considered Haiti as a vacation destination; your bucket list is incomplete. Haiti is a country with such beautiful land, beaches, mountains, luxurious resorts and great organic fooood!

In 1791 Haiti began a revolution; a slave uprising that is known for leading to a state of free from slavery and ruled by non-whites and former captives. In 1804, they successfully achieved independence – a defining moment in the racial histories of the Atlantic World. Haiti’s victory challenged the long held beliefs about black inferiority and of the enslaved person’s capacity to achieve and maintain freedom.**

Haiti is the must visit place that has been kept secret from you. The culture is truly enriched whether you are exploring the music, the land, the people or the signature dishes. Despite the media coverage of Haiti the entire country is not impoverished. The country welcomes tourist from all over the world, perfect for destination weddings, honeymoons, spring break or just a small getaway. It’s your time to –  Discover Haiti.


  • Annually celebrated in February in the streets of Jacmel and Port au Prince. The lively and colorful celebration is a tradition you don’t want to miss.

5 Star Resorts: (Below are just a few)

  • Royal Decameron Indigo Beach Resort and Spa
  • Wahoo Bay
  • Karibe Hotel
  • Royal Oasis
  • Kinam Hotel


  • Pistons, Jacmel (awesome surf location)
  • Ti Mouillage, Jacmel
  • Labadee
  • Cap –Haitien
  • Moulin Sur Mer (Also a resort, approx. 48 miles from Port au Prince)

Live a life of experiences, a life of adventure but most of all live a life of truths.


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