The Best Destinations For Soul Food

Ever wonder where the best destinations for soul food are?

Soul food is a way of life for many people. It gets its roots from the south, but has spread like wildfire to many cities all over America. Popular dishes include fried chicken, catfish, grits and collard greens. It’s not surprising that there are many restaurants around the country that feature a variety of soul food for curious visitors to try.

Willie Mae’s Scotch House In New Orleans

The food at Willie Mae’s Scotch House definitely draws a crowd. You can find traditional soul food dishes like fried chicken and cat fish. When it comes to sides, your best choices are the red beans and rice and the cornbread.

Down Home Cookin’ In Indianapolis

While there’s many things to try, one of the most popular dishes by far at Down Home Cookin’ is the blackberry cobbler. It has a delectable crust and isn’t overly sweet. All of the food is all made to order which brings out a lot of the flavors in all of the items.

Deborah’s Kitchen In Philadelphia

There’s so much good food to eat here it’s hard to pick just one dish so you might opt for several different items. Don’t worry though because they do offer doggie bags! One of the most popular items is the turkey chops. It’s served over rice and smothered with gravy.

Florida Avenue Grill In Washington D.C.

If you are looking for traditional soul food, then Florida Avenue Grill is the restaurant to go to. Here you can find chitterlings and pigs feet. The fried pork chops are also outstanding. Pretty much all of the food here is perfectly seasoned and tender enough to fall off of the bone.

Mr. And Mrs. G’s Home Cooking In San Antonio

One of the most popular dishes to try is the catfish. It has a flaky crust and it very fresh. The black-eyed peas are also good and cooked to an almost creamy perfection.

Amy Ruth’s In New York

Even the Big Apple has a restaurant that offers good old soul food and it’s Amy Ruth’s. One of the most popular dishes, called The Rev. Al Sharpton, is basically just chicken and waffles, but is delicious. While here, skip the water or the pop and wash down your meal with the Kool-Aid of the day.

Souley Vegan In Oakland

Now I know what you’re thinking, does vegan soul food really exist it does in Oakland at Souley Vegan? Well at this restaurant it does. The inspiration behind this restaurant is simple; many enslaved African Americans depended on a mostly vegan diet to survive. The food at this restaurant is so good here that you won’t even miss the non-vegan items. Popular choices include the mac and cheese and collards.







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