Tips for Packing Shoes When Traveling

Tips for Packing Shoes When TravelingOne item that can take up the most room in your luggage is your shoes. This is why it’s important to pack the right shoes no matter where you are going. Here are some tips Tips for Packing Shoes When Traveling starting with figuring out which shoes to pack for any destination.

Stick To The Three Pair Rule

 Even for a trip that is a week or two long, you don’t really need more than three pairs of shoes. Men should pack a pair of oxfords or comfortable slip on shoes, sandals and sneakers. Women should pack a pair of comfortable flats, sandals and sneakers. Heels or really dressy shoes should stay home unless you know for absolute certain you are going to a business dinner or fancy restaurant. If you must, bring one pair of dressy shoes. We also recommend flip flops to walk around in your hotel room or cabin so you are not walking on dirty carpet.

Be Careful About Your Color Choices

Your best bet is to pack shoes that go with anything. While you might love that pair of hot pink flip flops, if they don’t match with many of your outfits you are better off leaving them at home. While it’s okay to pack shoes that aren’t a neutral tone, they really need to go with several of your outfits in order for them to be more versatile. You don’t want to be stuck with wearing the same pair of shoes everywhere because you didn’t think about the fact that your favorite shoes don’t match the majority of the clothes that you packed.

Don’t Go Out And Buy New Shoes Just For The Trip

While it’s tempting to buy new shoes for your trip, it really isn’t practically. You might be doing a lot of walking on your trip so now is not the time to try to break in that new pair of shoes. You also don’t want to miss out on a fun excursion because you are concerned about messing up that new pair of sneakers by hiking or going rafting.

Wear Your Biggest Shoes On The Plane


You can save a lot of space in your luggage by wearing the biggest pair of shoes that you will be taking on the plane. Those bulky sneakers or boots are better off being worn than put in your luggage so that you can make space for other items. You will be amazed at how many more items you can fit into your luggage by simply removing a pair of shoes.

Remember That Blisters Can Happen

No matter how much you’ve worn your shoes in the past, blisters still can happen. Try to wear high quality socks with your sneakers at all times. Even if you don’t get blisters often, still make sure you pack bandages to protect your feet if raw spots start to develop.

Other Tips for Packing Shoes When Traveling:  Make sure and use a shoe bag or face the bottom of your shoes away from your clean clothes.  Use your shoes to pack other items inside of them to save room in your suitcase. Pack socks, underwear, jewelry, chargers, make up or other small items inside of a plastic bag and insert them in your shoes.


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