10 Cruise Travel Items that You Should Know About (and Pack!)

Here are some great cruise travel items that you definitely should know about and pack for your next cruise travel vacation. All of these items are easy to find, low in price, and will make your cruise vacation a lot more hassle free.

1. Travelon Luggage Waterproof iPad Pouch: This pouch protects your iPad from water, dust, sand, dirt, and more. The seal makes it air and water-tight to ensure that if you are hanging out, drinking near the pool, and your iPad takes a dive into the water–you’re covered (even without an Apple Care plan!). You simply use your iPad while the pouch is on and you are protected!


2. Cruise Luggage Tag Holders: Most cruise lines have you print out your boarding passes and luggage tags nowadays. The flimsy paper luggage tags that you print definitely do NOT stand up against the slightest bump, rip, or tear. You could either mask your luggage tags with clear shipping tape (which can be a hassle to take off later) OR get these cool luggage tag holders. They will cover you for any printable luggage tags form a cruise line.



3.RFID Blocking Credit Card Secure Sleeve and Passport Case Set: This shield is a protective sleeve that prevents a person from reading private information stored on your credit cards, passport cards, enhanced driver’s licenses, and more. When traveling out of the country it is important to shield your data–researchers have proven that data stored on these devices can be stolen without your knowledge from a distance. Putting your device into one of these sleeves greatly reduces the chances of someone stealing your information from a distance.


4.Bed Bug Patrol Travel Luggage Spray: Even if you are the cleanest person in the world, when traveling bed bugs can easily get into your luggage and belongings. With bed bugs being able to travel 200 feet in one day AND laying eggs each day, and infestation could occur extremely quick. This bed bug spray is 100% natural and and stops the bed bugs fast. For less than a $5 investment, this spray could save you thousands of dollars in bed bug treatment if you were to bring them home with you.


5. Westclox Travelmate Folding Travel Alarm Clock: We listed this because its low in price (less than $10), a bestseller in travel alarm clocks for featured travelers,  and it’s small and flips shut for easy packing. Most cruise ship staterooms do NOT come equipped with an alarm clock, and when you need to be on time to shore excursions and getting off of the ship on the last day of your cruise, and alarm clock is crucial. In addition to folding for easy packing, this clock comes with a case that keeps the clock safe from being damaged during travel.

6. Travel Laundry Soap: Most all cruise ships have a laundry room that you can use to wash clothes (the machines usually are pay machines). While most cruisers will wait until they are off of the ship to wash at home; there are situations that you may need to wash on-board. If you are on a longer cruise or have something happen to where you absolutely need to wash clothes, bringing along travel laundry detergent is a good idea. Purchasing detergent on the cruise ship will 9 times out of 10 be at least 50% more in price than purchasing before your cruise trip.


7. Travel Pouch for documents: Getting a good, durable, travel pouch to hold your travel documents, room key, and money will make your life SO much easier on a cruise. This particular one is under $10, and you can wear it around your neck, shoulders, or clip it to your waist. It also has an outside zippered pocket for quick grab items. This pouch is a must have because it keeps your documents readily available and frees you from having to keep your wallet or purse on you (easy targets for thieves while traveling).

8. Over the Door Shoe Organizer: Bringing one of these along with you is a MUST for cruise travel. Cabins–even the “large” ones are generally small. Storing your travel toiletries (toothpaste, shampoo, etc) in this organizer (as well as your shoes) can save you so much time. This can also help you to keep track of smaller items that you’ve packed.


9. Duct Tape: This one may sound a little weird to you, but packing duct tape for your cruise could save you a lot of packing space and time in the long run. Using the sticky side, you could remove lint from your clothes (vs. packing a lint roller). You could wrap the handles of your luggage to help identify it easier. It can be used to fix luggage that breaks, gets holes in it, etc. Wearing flip-flops? Repair them with your duct tape. Is the bright morning sun creeping into your ocean-view cabin every morning? Tape the curtains down.


10. World Wide Charger Adapter and Converter Plug: This may be the most important travel gadget that we’ve mentioned. When traveling to other countries the plug outlets can be different depending on the country that you are visiting and the power voltages. To make sure that when you plug in your electronic equipment to charge (if you plug in outside of the ship) that you don’t destroy it, you need an adapter (to plug it into the outlet) and converter (so that you don’t fry your electronic equipment).

 All of these items can be ordered through Amazon and with a FREE trial Amazon Prime membership, you can get them all shipped for FREE.


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