Cruise Packing Hacks – What You May Not Have Thought Of

10 Cruise Travel Items that You Should Know About (and Pack!)Here are some great cruise travel items that you definitely should know about and pack for your next cruise travel vacation. All of these items are easy to find, low in price, and will make your cruise vacation a lot more hassle free.

1. Plastic Bags & Zip Lock Bags: Use plastic bags to keep dirty clothes & shoes away from your clean clothes. Use zip lock to pack bottled items that could leak into your suitcase such as make up, sunscreen or shampoo.

2. Cruise Luggage Tag Holders: Most cruise lines have you print out your boarding passes and luggage tags nowadays. The flimsy paper luggage tags that you print definitely do NOT stand up against the slightest bump, rip, or tear. They will cover you for any printable luggage tags form a cruise line.

3. Extra hangers: Wire hangers take up the least room in your suitcase and you can leave them behind at the end of the cruise. Most cabins just dont come with enough hangers and the ship doesnt always have extra on hand.

4. Drier Sheets: Keep your clothes smelling fresh by packing a few dryer sheets in-between your clothes.

5. Insulated mug: Don’t get stuck with small cups of coffee or tea that get cold in no time.  Bring your insulate mug, go up to the buffet area and make your drink, and enjoy your warm beverage while walking around the ship.

6. Travel Laundry Soap: Most all cruise ships have a laundry room that you can use to wash clothes (the machines usually are pay machines). While most cruisers will wait until they are off of the ship to wash at home; there are situations that you may need to wash on-board. If you are on a longer cruise or have something happen to where you absolutely need to wash clothes, bringing along travel laundry detergent is a good idea. Purchasing detergent on the cruise ship will 9 times out of 10 be at least 50% more in price than purchasing before your cruise trip.

7. Travel Lanyard & Key Card Holder: Get a small lanyard that goes around your neck with a zipper so that you can store your room key, money and other valuables safely on you while you are off the ship.

8. Over the Door Organizer: Bringing one of these along with you is a MUST for cruise travel. Cabins–even the “large” ones are generally small. Storing your travel toiletries (toothpaste, shampoo, etc) in this organizer can save you time and space. This can also help you to keep track of smaller items that you’ve packed.

9. Duct Tape: This one may sound a little weird to you, but packing duct tape for your cruise could save you a lot of packing space and time in the long run. Using the sticky side, you could remove lint from your clothes (vs. packing a lint roller). You could wrap the handles of your luggage to help identify it easier. It can be used to fix luggage that breaks, gets holes in it, etc. Wearing flip-flops? Repair them with your duct tape. Is the bright morning sun creeping into your ocean-view cabin every morning? Tape the curtains down.

10. Power Strip: If you are bringing a lot of electronics, cabins usually only offer 1 or 2 plugs.  Bring a power strip so that you can stay charged. If you want to be fancy buy a power strip that also includes charges for your phone.

11.  Dramamine pills or Ginger candy – while more modern ships offer stablizers, it is possible to have some movement on the ship if there is bad weather. Bring along something that will help settle your stomach just in case.

12.  Copies of ID:  Take pictures or your Passports or Birth Certificate and ID, but also make a copy just in case your phone is lost.

13.  Bring a pen:  Don’t use the same pen on the counter with everyone’s germs. Have a pen handy at the time of check in.

14.  Beachchair Towel Clips:  On a windy day, just the clip to hold your towel in place while on deck.  It is also a way to hold your lounger for a bit while you go off and get a drink.  These clips will be useful if you wash clothes and want to put them out on your balcony.  We recommend clips that also offer a magnet which you can use in your cabin to hand items.




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