A Day In Antigua

A Day In Antigua

At only 108 square miles in size, many passengers on cruise ships wonder what there actually is to do in Antigua. While it’s a rather small country, there are still plenty of places to go and because it’s so small, most of them are in walking distance. This is where to go with just one day in Antigua.

St John’s
This is the capital of Antigua and where your ship will be docked. Upon arriving at the port, you will walk through a shopping mall that features a variety of goods. There aren’t a lot of places to shop in Antigua so if you are wanting some souvenirs, this is the place to buy them. There are a lot of colorful places in this city and it’s easy to explore on foot. One of the most popular destinations in St. John’s is the cathedral. It has beautiful architecture and recently has undergone renovations. The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, is located in a colonial courthouse. It was first constructed in 1747 and is the city’s oldest building that’s still in use. On display are colonial artifacts. There are also models of sugar plantations as well as a life-sized replica of an actual Arawak house. Another interesting place to see is Fort James. It was built in the 18th century and is an important part of St. John’s history as its purpose was to guard the harbor.

Nelson’s Dockyards And English Harbour
This is probably the most popular tourist attraction in Antigua. The dockyards used to be a British naval base. This tranquil spot has a museum onsite and there are a variety of places to eat at or get a drink. Right next to Nelson’s Dockyards is the English Harbour. On display it has historical artifacts from the colonial period.

Shirley Heights
The views are what draws visitor to Shirley Heights. It overlooks both Guadalupe and Montserrat. It’s also a great place to stop at and get something to eat as the food is supposedly cheap and good.

Betty’s Hope
This was a sugarcane plantations back in 1650. It’s interesting to look at and see some of Antigua’s interesting past. Onsite there are two fully restored windmills.

Stingray City
A popular excursion is Stingray City. Visitors go out to a floating platform, in the water near a reef. Visitors can stay on a platform and feed the stingrays or snorkel near them.


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