A Day in Puntarenas, Costa Rica

A Day in PuntarenasEven though Costa Rica is small, it’s very ecologically diverse. It only consists of fewer than .03 of the total surface of the earth, but yet, around 5% of the planet’s total animal and plant species are located here. For cruise passengers whose ship is docking here, they are in for a real treat. While it can be rainy here, visitors still can participate in a whole host of outdoor activities, which the country is known for. If you will be spending a day in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, here’s what you need to know.

Stroll Of The Tourists

Upon existing the cruise ship you will come across Paseo de los Turistas, which is known as the “Stroll of the Tourists”. Here you will find numerous restaurants to eat at and places to shop. It’s also located on the beach so you will have a nice view while you are strolling around.

The Catholic Church And La Casa De La Cultura

This church is worth the effort to visit it. The windows are actually portholes and it’s one of only a handful of churches in Costa Rica that face east. While in the area also check out La Casa de la Cultura. It houses the Museo Historico that has exhibits that center around the maritime history of the area.

Cloud Forest

Those who visit Costa Rica should really make a point to go to a cloud forest. Located in Zapotal, visitors can see both the mountains and the rainforest while here. The trails are fairly easy to navigate. There are guides to take visitors around the area and will point out some of the fauna and wildlife along the way.

Poas Volcano

This volcano is rather interesting to see. The central crater of it has a turquoise lagoon that steams. A guide will discuss its 39 recorded eruptions ad well as its active fumaroles. Located nearby isthe Paz Waterfall Gardens that has quite a few waterfalls as well as an onsite animal preserve.

Other Outdoor Activities

One of the best ways to see much of the wildlife and plant species is to spend time outdoors. Hiking is a great way to explore and discover the area on your own. For water lovers, there are numerous opportunities to kayak around the port. Zip lining is also a popular activity as it lets tourists see the area in a thrilling way.

Things To Keep In Mind

Unfortunately, petty theft is fairly common in this area. With the proper precautions tourists can avoid this. Is imperative to leave valuables back on the cruise ship. Do not bring more cash then you need with you and conceal what you will be carrying as much as possible. Also, many taxi drivers and businesses do accept U.S. dollars so you probably won’t have to exchange your money for the Costa Rican colon.


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