African American Friendly Destinations Around the World

African American Friendly Destinations Around the WorldAfrican American Friendly Destinations Around the World

The last thing you want to do is spend your hard earned money on a trip and then feel uncomfortable.  Furthermore, why support a region that is not open to all nationalities?  One of the reasons we travel the world is to learn about new cultures, and meet new people that perhaps we can also share our cultures and customs with.  Now there are unfriendly people all over the world, but these destinations have been proven over time to be a good place for all to travel to.

Of course theses are only a few of the amazing places you can visit.  Read more about the Black Travel Movement and learn about groups you can travel with around the world..


You can taste and feel the African influence in this region in their food, music and culture.  It’s an affordable destination with great scenery and stunning beaches. Brazil is home to the largest African population outside of Africa.

South Africa

South Africa not only offers adventure, beaches, safari and vineyards, but it also has soul that can be felt in the locals, the music and cuisine.


While Americans being allowed to travel to Cuba is still fairly new, the Afro-Cuban culture is very strong here. They love to welcome all tourists and seem to form an instant bond with them. They will go above and beyond to help those visiting this country and like to share stories about their life and what living in Cuba has been like.

United Arab Emirates

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are modern cities full of bustling buildings, but basking in old traditions.  The local population is mixed from from various regions including India, Eypgt and Pakistan, offering an opportunity to get to know several difference cultures all in one place.  You can enjoy shopping, adventure including ziplining, parks and desert safaris, or just enjoy one of the many luxurious hotels.


While the majority of the Caribbean is black friendly, Anguilla tends to go above and beyond. It has a deep history and you will feel a lot of oneness here. One of the perks of going to Anguilla is the food! Even though this island is really small there are more than 100 different restaurants to choose from. Many of them feature a lot of your favorite dishes that taste just like your mama makes. It’s also a place that is not as crowded as other popular islands.


Many people don’t realize that Japan is actually very black friendly. This country loves hip hop and it was first introduced here back in the 1980s. The Japanese are fascinated with blacks and their culture and you will definitely feel it while you are in Japan.


London is a city that is very culturally diverse.  Super easy to fit in and the city has a lot of similarities to New York with a theater district, and Piccadilly Circus which is a lot like Time Square.


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