The Black Travel Movement: What It Is And What You Need To Know


The Black Travel MovementThe Black Travel Movement

The black travel movement is to invite everyone to conquer their fears, pursue their dreams and fully experience what this world has to offer. African Americans do travel, and they can prove to be an integral part of changing the way that foreigners think about other races.

For many years there’s been the misconception that people of color don’t travel. They like to stay home and socialize within their community rather than leave the country, take part in new experiences and immerse themselves in a different culture. The black travel movement has shattered this myth, as more African Americans travel the world. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t highlight the increase in African American global travel. Despite the media, the Black Travel Movement is one of the largest growing segments in the travel industry. It is estimated that over $48 billions is spent on travel annually by African Americans who take one or more trips per year.

Here’s some more information about The Black Travel Movement: What It Is And What You Need To Know:

What Makes Black Travel Different?
Most African Americans that travel often do it differently than other ethnicities. It’s not uncommon for them to want to travel in groups, and really get to know the local people. They tend to spend more money when it comes to their accommodations, but will spend less on experiences, as they would rather just go out and engage with the locals and try to find more authentic experiences.

Why Is It Important?
Many foreigners don’t have a lot of experience with those of other ethnicities. What this means is that they often believe stereotypes about other ethnic groups before getting to know them. It’s important for Africans Americans to travel more often in order to squash negative stereotypes that are all too common.

What Can Be Done To Promote The Black Travel Movement?

If you travel, then you are already a part of the black travel movement. You can promote it by simply traveling more. Don’t be afraid to go to places. By doing so you can help break down barriers between other ethnicities and dispel myths that others may have about blacks in general.

Set up a group trip.  Did you know that you can get free perks if you set up a cruise group that range from money to spend onboard, to cocktail parties and free cabins?  If you take a trip to within the U.S., Europe, Asia, Australia or South America, some companies will offer you 50% off with a group of 8 people – and a free trip when you reach 16 travelers.  You can divide the savings among the group or keep it as the group leader and still save your friends and family money.

Share your pictures on social media.  Help show the world by sharing your experiences online. It also gives others the courage to travel once they see how much there is to experience in this world.

Support black owned travel groups.  Over 25,000 members strong, Grown & Sexy Cruises, Travel & Events offers affordable cruises, vacations and special event packages.  The group’s mission is to empower African Americans to travel by offering ground breaking travel packages with featured entertainment to destinations around the world to support the Black Travel movement.  The group’s core travelers are professionals ranging from 35 to 55, and one of the things that makes the trips unique is the nightly theme parties.  There are 3 to 4 cruises per year with Celebrity DJ’s, Comedians, Guest Speakers, poets, seminars & more.  Black owned businesses who travel with the group, are provided time onboard via a Pop Mall, to introduce their profession, products or crafts to fellow cruisers at no charge. This is an amazing opportunity the founder, Keith Jones provides for Black business owners to get exposure from travelers all over the U.S.

G&S vacation packages are more laid back, typically at all inclusive resorts, but still offer nightly theme parties with DJ’s.  Special events travel include Mardi Gras, Jazz at the Gardens, Super Bowl & Essence.  For the adventurous traveler, over 400 people are traveling to Dubai in October of 2018, with lots of sightseeing, a welcome party, desert safari dinner & a farewell party on Dubai’s largest yacht, all at an affordable price. Thailand, Maldives, Europe, Panama & Costa Rica are all trips being worked on for 2019 and 2020.

Nomadness Travel Tribe, Travel Divas, Up in the Air Life, Bucket List Beasts & Travel Noire are all good options for smaller groups.

Vow to play a positive part in the black travel movement and travel!

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