Aruba: One Happy Island

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Aruba travel is booming right now and its one of the hottest cruise ports to visit right now!

The beautiful island of Aruba is located approximately 15 miles north of Venezuela in the delightfully warm sands of the Caribbean. The island is 19.6 miles long and 6 miles across, and because its located below the Hurricane belt–the climate is dry; meaning that there’s hardly a rainy day in Aruba!

If Aruba is a stop during your cruise itinerary, then you will not fall short of activities, excursions, shopping, and restaurants while at port!

Check out some of the great things that you can do while in Aruba:


  • Explore the beautiful Beaches: Swim in the cool refreshing turquoise Caribbean waters, and when you’re done sunbathe next to the shore and listen to the crashing of the waves! Aruba boasts of over 7 miles of sandy beaches on the west coast filled packed with luxurious resorts, activities such as surfing, waterskiing, tubing, and other water spectacular water activities. Want to shop at the largest malls in the area, visit the spa, or win big money at a casino? Try your luck at Palm Beach. In the mood for peace and quiet? Relax the day away at Druif Beach. All beaches are open to the public in Aruba and there’s something to do for anyone who visits them. Read more information on Aruban beaches here.


  • Enter a Shoppers Paradise: The one word that every shopper loves to hear is SALE; and in Aruba shoppers will find a huge selection of international brand name products at 10-30% off what they cost in the United States from Calvin Klein to Cartier a discount is waiting for you. Visit the rows of malls and jewelry shops as you walk the streets, or go to one of the shops in the Downtown resorts. Visit some of the most upscale malls that you’ve ever had the pleasure of shopping in and check out the unique boutiques and emporiums! Visit the Aruban Aloe Store and purchase unique naturally made skincare products proven to moisturize and heal dry skin. Get more information on shopping in Aruba here.
  • Eat at World Class Restaurants: Aruba offers a variety of cuisine options prepared by world class chefs when you visit the beautiful island. Sip on fine international wines, bask in the unique and elegant ambiance of the restaurants while eating delectable dishes, and try classic Aruban delicacies such as frogs legs, duck, venison, foie gras, and chateaubriand. There are over 100 resort and independent restaurants on the island everything from the Hard Rock Cafe, Burgers and Burgers, Cubas Cookin, Cilo City Lounge, Laguna, The Pelican’s nest, and more! Find out where to eat in Aruba here.


  • Celebrate: Aruba has so many cultural celebrations, competitions, and sporting events throughout the year, so plan your cruise trip accordingly! One of the most popular celebrations is Carnival that takes place November 11 at 11:11 every year. This is the time when the Prime Minister will symbolically turn the country over to the “Prince and Pancho” and it ends before Good Friday. Carnival is filled with music, pageantry, fanfare, and the most flamboyant costumes that you have ever seen! Enjoy all of the Carnival festivities such as the Torch Parade, Children’s Grand Carnival Parade, Mrs. Carnival Election and more! See more activities and Aruban celebrations here.

Check out these happy returning travelers to Aruba:



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