A Cruise Voyage to Halifax, Canada

Halifax is located in Nova Scotia, Canada. It was once a town and then was turned into a city. Now it is known as Halifax Regional Municipality. When it was first occupied, the locals called it ’Jipugtug’, which means the biggest harbor. After many wars and fights, it came under the rule of Canada. The place is known for its association and participation in dozens of wars.

If you have been planning to take a cruise ship to Canada, then be sure to visit the historically rich area. There is so much to do, that you will run out of time but not be able to explore the entire place.

Here are some of the places that you can visit in Halifax as your shore excursion.

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Historical Sites

If you are among those who love to get acquainted with the local history of some place, then rest assured, there are many attractions for you in Halifax. You can see churches and museums, architectural landmarks and parks that will all take you back in time. Below are listed the most popular tourist haunts.

St George’s Parish

Created in 1756, this beautifully antique round church, the only one that is left in North America is an awe inspiring example of Palladian design. You will be able to learn all about St. George’s relation with the royal family, the explosion that wrecked Halifax and the rise of the city after the horrific fires in 1994. The staggering history will fulfill all your interest levels.

Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Situated in the center of Halifax downtown, on top of a hill, this star shaped naval station was constructed in 1828 and 1856. You will be given a guided tour by a costumed animator, where you can see such wonderful things that were used in wars. Among other things, you will also be able to see garrison cells, musket galleries and the 3rd Brigade of the Royal Artillery firing the canon.

Halifax Public Garden

The original Victorian Public Garden in North America, this 17-acre public garden features many rare species of flowers and trees, as well as delight the crowds with the sparkling water fountains, historic statues and free concerts held regularly in the red-roofed gazebo.

Titanic History and Remembrance Tour in Halifax

Learn all about the historic “Titanic” disaster on this tour. Learn the real story behind why the ship sank (I know, not too enlightening while you are on a cruise vacation BUT STILL it’s interesting history!). See the graves of the victims and also visit the morgues and churches where the services were held.

Entertainment Spots

Halifax has a few great entertainment spots that you should definitely check out! Don’t miss out on them while you are in port!

Peggy’s Cove in Halifax

Peggy’s cove is definitely a hot spot in Halifax. Overlooking the Atlantic ocean, you can watch the waves crash against rocks from the beautiful lighthouse. Take a tour of the village area, dine in and eat some of the best seafood (especially lobster) that you’ve ever tasted, and shop till you drop!

Alexander Keith’s Brewery

This is one of the oldest brewerys in Canada built in 1820 and made of ironstone and granite. Located on the waterfront, you will be guided through life as it was in 1863 complete with animated characters, songs, and pub games. And of course there will be plenty of brew to drink as well!

Hatfield Farm Cowboy Adventures

The fascinating thing about this place? It is the 5th generation run farm by the same family. The antique looking lodge offers a variety of recreational activities like horseback riding, petting zoo, wagon riding, mini golf, rubber rodeo and much more. If you are travelling with family, then your kids will definitely love this place.

Discovery Centre

A nonprofit organization, it has been created to spread knowledge and awareness. Children and adults alike can experience wonderful science and technology displays and get hands on experiences.

Sands at Salter

This is the place where you can have picnics. It is an urban beach on the Halifax waterfront, it is open for public use and you can spend an entire day lazing on the sand, getting a golden tan while your kids play volleyball or go surfing.


There are more than half a dozen spas in Halifax that you can go to and chill out at. Just contact them on the phone, make an appointment and have a day to yourself, leaving all the stress behind.



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