Carnival Experiences You Can’t Miss Out On

Carnival is perhaps the biggest cultural celebration that takes place in Jamaica each year. Some of the festivities kick off in January and last until about the middle of April. Because of the length of Carnival, it’s almost impossible to see it all, especially if you don’t live in the country. While attendees do each have their favorite events and things that they think you must see, some events are definitely worth the hype while others aren’t. If you will only be in Jamaica for a short amount of time during Carnival, try to fit in a few of these events. 

The Road March
One of the final events at Carnival is The Road March. It features a parade and beautiful women dressed up in costumes. A huge reason why Carnival goers love this event is that many of the costume revelers save the best for last. They want to leave attendees with one final impression of them that they won’t soon forget. This means that elaborate, brightly colored costumes will be worn as well as intricate makeup and bejeweled faces.

Beach J’ouvert
Some Carnival goers claim that this event is the highlight of their carnival experience. It generally consists of partying all night and rubbing oils or paints on others. Now, you don’t have to get all wild and crazy like some of the other attendees do, just watching the experience may be enough to  satisfy your curiosity about Beach J’ouvert. This event normally occurs on Easter weekend.

Bacchanal Fridays
Even if you will only be in Jamaica for a short period of time because you are on a cruise, you may still be able to experience one of the Bacchanal Friday events. It’s hosted by some of the most popular DJs on the island. Those who purchase a ticket can take part in all of the festivities, which include a lot of dancing to Soca music.

The Carnival season will be featuring a lot of different events with the majority of them being in Kingston and Ocho Rios. It brings a lot of tourism to the island each year. With the variety of costumes onhand, the elaborate street parades and the highly addictive music, this is an event that you don’t want to miss. With so many activities occuring, you will be bound to find some sort of celebration going on as long as you are in Jamaica in the weeks leading up to Easter.


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