Why You Should Travel To Africa

Why You Should Travel To Africa MoreDespite most African Americans having rich ethnic ties to Africa, not many of them have the desire to ever travel to this continent. This is surprising because as a culture, they care deeply about their heritage and learning more about their ancestors. In order to conquer this and get African Americans to travel to Africa more, we first must understand why they aren’t traveling to this area.
Here are a few reasons why African Americans are shying away from travel to Africa.

News Stories Aren’t Very Positive
Africa is the second largest continent in the world and there are numerous countries to visit so there is definitely plenty to see. However, when you see a story on the news about Africa, it often isn’t positive. The TV screen is filled with images of a war torn area that has filth and malnutrition. While you may see some of this in certain countries on the continent, this is a poor depiction of what all of the areas look like. In fact, cities like Cape Town or Johannesburg are known for their fashion, cuisine and art. They are filled with plenty of things for tourists to do, all of which being relatively safe.

You’ll Have To Camp Out
Let’s face it, many people just don’t like to camp. Really, who can blame them with uncomfortable tents, bugs and pretty much no amenities. A lot of people think that when you visit Africa there will be no accommodations and you will have to camp out in the middle of nowhere. This is simply not true as there are numerous luxury hotels throughout the continent. Resorts like the Baraza Resort & Spa in Tanzania and Pod Camps Bay in South Africa allow travelers to enjoy a luxurious stay while in Africa.

It Isn’t A Convenient Place To Travel
Flying to Africa from the U.S. often involves several connections and long, long hours. For instance, West Palm Beach is over 4,000 miles from Africa which makes it about an 8 hour plane ride, but with frequent connections in London or JFK it can often take 15 to 18 hours to arrive. Many people opt for places closer to home such as Caribbean cruises.  They just get on a ship and enjoy all of the amenities while they sail from one destination to the other. However, once you’re there you really can have a one of a kind vacation. If convenience is what  traveler is after, they can opt to stay at a hotel with a lot of amenities or schedule tours that include transportation to and from a variety of sites.

Traveling to Africa can be prove to be a hassle free, memorable trip if you enlist the help of a travel agent to help you make your travel plans according to your needs.

Why You Should Travel To Africa More:

  • It gives us perspective.  It’s because of our African ancestors, who fought and died for freedom on all fronts, that you can identify with being American and African.
  • Traveling to Africa will bring out powerful emotions, transform you and make you want to make a difference in the world.
  • Support the local people. There is an amazing selection of hand made clothing and jewelry.
  • There is something for every interest.  Enjoy beautiful beaches, wildlife, outdoor activities, amazing food & wine and the incredible history of the region.


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