Choosing a Destination Wedding Location

choosing a destination wedding locationOne of the hardest choices that engaged couples have to make is trying to figure out where they should get married. If you decide you want to have a destination wedding, you have a lot of choices. For those that are planning their wedding themselves or just don’t have a lot of guidance, this process can be overwhelming. To make choosing the destination wedding venue easier, keep these things in mind.

Time Of Year Of The Wedding

Many places can see a lot of snow in the winter or can be very hot in the summer. When choosing a wedding venue, keep in mind the time of year it will be when you get married. Outdoor weddings are ideal in the spring or fall months. For much of the winter and parts of the summer, indoor options are best to avoid undesirable weather.

Ease Of Commuting To For You And Guests

If you have a lot of out of town guests attending your wedding, you need to make sure that they can easily get to the venue from the airport. While it might be great to get married at that little chapel in a different city, how will you and your guests get there? Keep in mind that you might just end up footing a lot of the bill for transportation. If you only have a few guests attending your wedding or most of them are local, then you have a lot more leeway when it comes to choosing a location that’s convenient for everyone.

General Availability Of The Location

If you are absolutely set on your wedding date then you probably will have less choices when it comes to wedding venues. However, the farther out your wedding date is the more likely that the venue you desire will be available. If you have your heart set on getting married at a certain place, you might have to be flexible with your wedding date to ensure that you can get married there. Popular choices for destination weddings tend to sell out quickly so keep that in mind.

Price Range For The Venue

This is often the biggest factor for couples when it comes to where they choose to get married at. Some couples really want to splurge in this area and have a stricter budget for other areas. Before you look at venues, have your budget in mind. This way, you can easily weed out a lot of potential venues and won’t waste your time looking at places that you know you can’t afford. This will also keep you from touring a venue and getting your heart set on it only to find out that you would never be able to afford to get married there.

Popular Places For Destination Weddings

If you really want to have a destination wedding, but aren’t sure where you should have it at, consider these options.

Cruise Ships. Not only can you get married on a cruise ship, but you can have your honeymoon on it as well. Guests can board the ship just for the wedding, or they can cruise with you.

Disney. With Disney you can get married in a park in Florida or California, at their resort in Hawaii or on a Disney cruise.  A fairy tale wedding with Disney can get expensive, but they can help you create the perfect dream wedding!

A National Park. This is a great option for couples that love nature and want a low key wedding that is affordable.

Italy. For couples that want to splurge, there are a variety of castles & villas you can rent where you can get married, or beautiful seaside resorts. Whether its the romantic region of Tuscany or the canals of Venice.  Italy is full of romance and places to have a ceremony.

Niagara Falls. This is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places where you can have a destination wedding. There are several chapels overlooking the falls or you can have a stunning garden ceremony you can pledge your love in a helicopter while flying over Niagara Falls.  Prices start at just $350.

Hawaii Honeymoons.  The landscape varies from mountain ranges to black sand gorgeous beaches. (Kauai and Maui are the most popular islands to get married.)

Key West Vacations. From an underwater wedding and chartered sail boats, to historic homes and gardens, Key West offers a lot of options for weddings.

Las Vegas. Drive through chapels although popular are not the only place to get married in Vegas. You can rent out elegant ballrooms and restaurants that have wedding packages for every budget.


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