The Top Wedding Trends of 2018

The Top Wedding Trends of 2018

The Top Wedding Trends of 2018The Top Wedding Trends of 2018

Everyone wants their wedding to be a day you will always remember. Thankfully, there are a lot of hot new wedding trends going around to make your wedding a truly memorable and special event. Here’s a list of the top weddings trends of 2018 to give you some ideas when planning your big day.

Non-traditional Gift Registries
A lot of modern couples are opting for non-traditional gift registries for their weddings. This includes requests for museum memberships and cooking classes rather than doing a registry at Macy’s or Target. Another wedding trend is crowdsourcing for contributions for a charity of the couple’s choice, the honeymoon destination, or putting a down payment on the couple’s home. Get creative with your wedding registry and request something you really want!

Image Mapping Wedding Venues
Another creative wedding trend is projecting images to enhance a wedding venue into any setting you desire. Technology can transform your venue into a romantic enchanted garden, the Tuscan countryside, or even something more abstract. Image mapping transports you and your guests to a magical place without leaving the city limits.

Alternative Entertainment and Games
Trending now is “Silent Disco,” where your guests get light up headphones with different music stations to choose from. Guests can see who else is listening to the same station as their headphones light up the same color.  It’s a fun way to give your guests a more personalized experience and it encourages people to mix and mingle. Dress-up photo booths and video booths where guests record a personal message for the couple are also on trend. Wedding Mad Libs make for hilarious fun during the reception. You can find fun Mad Libs games where guests make up stories about how the bride and groom met, Mad Libs place card games, Mad Libs for the guest book, and wedding advice card Mad Libs.

Bite Size Cake
Forget the big, layered wedding cakes! The latest wedding cake trend is small cake bites or cake pops. Cake bites can be made in various flavors, as opposed to a slice of wedding cake. They are adorable and delicious and a real conversation starter when it’s time for cake at your wedding reception.

Non-traditional Venues
Another big 2018 wedding trend is non-traditional venues such as libraries, museums, wineries, concert halls and sports fields. Barn weddings are also trendy and the contrast between the rustic barn setting and beautiful wedding decor is striking. Non-traditional venues add intimacy and privacy to your wedding and are a good way to add your own personal touch to your wedding day. Many couples are opting for destination weddings, particularly resorts throughout the Caribbean, castles in Ireland and Villas in Tuscany.  Cruise ship weddings with the option of getting married at sea, or in beautiful ports around the world is also a popular option.

Themed Weddings
More and more couples are choosing to go all out with themed weddings. Whether it is a movie theme– like Harry Potter or Beauty and the Beast– or a video game or sports-theme, having a themed wedding is a great way for couples to showcase their unique personalities or hobbies. The more personal you make your wedding, the more memorable the event will be for you and your guests.

Snapchat Filters
A great way to add a personal touch to your wedding day is by creating custom Snapchat filters for the big day. You can create a Snapchat filter with customizable text, graphics, and designs and all your guests will be able to use your filter at your event. Snapchat filters are also a fun addition to engagement parties and bachelorette parties.

Bridesmen and Groomswomen
Many people are choosing to go unconventional with their choices for who is in their wedding party.  More and more brides are choosing men as their “bridesmen” and increasing numbers of men are opting for women to be their “groomswomen.” In 2018, it’s very easy to make your wedding party co-ed and inclusive. The most important thing is having the people who are most special to you in your wedding party, regardless of gender.

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