Cruising Around the Exotic Grand Cayman Islands

The largest of the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman is just the place for a cruise. The vast blueness of the sea combined with the gorgeous white sands, creates an image just the idea of which makes you feel all relaxed and peaceful. The Grand Cayman comprises of 5 islands: Bodden Town, East End, George Town, North Side and West Bay. So if you have been wondering which area to spend your holiday’s cruising, make sure you add Cayman Islands to your list. It will be an experience that you will always cherish!

So which cruise should you pick? There are many choices for you. Depending on the budget and places you want to see, you can pick from the dozens that are available. Once you have selected your cruise ship, make sure that you get at least 2 days to enjoy all the shore excursions of the Grand Cayman.

***Here is a list of all that can be done in the Grand Cayman Islands***

Stingray City Sandbar

This is the top most famous attraction in Grand Cayman. What you can do here is snorkel and feed Stingrays. Sounds simplistic? Not So! The shallow sandbar is definitely a must visit place. The water is sparkling clear, the stingrays are not dangerous as long as you follow the guidelines and the experience is something you might not be able to reciprocate anywhere else. Stay for as long as you want and contemplate the wonders of nature in this underwater dive!

West Bay

Love the deep world of the sea? Visit the West Bay, where you would be able to see green sea turtle farm, which is the only one in the world! Your guide will give you all the information about sea turtles from their hatching phase to the breeders swimming all around you. What’s more, you can hold a turtle in your hand and take pictures!

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

Another place that is close to nature is the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. This enchanting park is a mixture of nature, history and culture. You will be given a guided tour based on two phases. Phase I will take you to explore the exotic native flora of the place. Phase II allows you to experience the stunning flora of the Cayman Islands. You can also take a walk along the Heritage Garden and the lake area which is home to the Cayman Blue Iguana.

Rum Point

If you feel like relaxing on the beach, then Rum Point is the place for you. You can lay on the beach for a glowing tan or hit the water to snorkel, swim or just float in the calmly scenic waves. Another attraction over here is the option to go below sea level in a glass-bottomed boat. It would almost be like traveling in a bubble! When you feel too hot, enjoy delicious cold drinks from the local bar.

Butterfly Farm

This is another very pretty spot that you would have a great time at. The beauty of nature will leave you dumbstruck. The tropical garden is cluttered with rainbow colored butterflies of all sizes and shapes. The dazzling sight will fill your heart with delight. Take lots of pictures so that you can remember the glittering beauties.

Delectable Cayman Cuisines

Try the local cuisines offered by the generous hosts of the Grand Cayman restaurants and snack bars. Some of the mind blowing foods include the conch fritters, the Stingray beer and the Heavy Cake. ICOA chocolates are also something you would not want to miss. Be sure to indulge in all the fresh and special local dishes.



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