Brides to Be: Honeymoon on a Cruise

Every year, hundreds of thousands of couples make the decision to get married! If you are getting married soon, CONGRATS–now its time to plan the most important part of the wedding process–the HONEYMOON!

Lets face it, honeymoons ARE vacations; the only thing different between a family vacation and a honeymoon is that one is that one involves kids, and the other doesn’t! You want for your honeymoon to be romantic, fun, exhilarating, memorable, and most importantly a private time for you and the love of your life.

Thousands of happy new couples honeymoon a variety of different places such as beaches, luxury hotels, ski resorts, all-inclusive luxury resorts and more! One of the most romantic, all-inclusive, luxurious, as well as economical places that you can honeymoon is aboard a cruise ship!

In the past, many newlywed couples did NOT look to cruise lines for their honeymoon planning. With the new ship itineraries, specials, and improvements being made to cruise ships every year, that has certainly changed in recent years.

There are a number of reasons to choose to cruise for your Honeymoon including:

 Price: There are thousands of cruise travel deals every day that can give you as much luxury as possible for less. For under $150 per person per day, you can go to an exotic destination outside of the country, stay in a beautiful cabin with a view of the ocean, and have all of your meals and entertainment paid for. With the use of a good travel agent, you can find the BEST cruise
destinations at the best prices.

Destinations: On a cruise, you are able to go to exotic destinations and experience once in a lifetime experiences at a fraction of the cost. Most cruises will stop and port in a few different locations so that you can experience a little bit of everything. You may swim with the dolphins in Nassau, Bahamas one day and go snorkeling in Freeport the next.

Romantic Themed Cruises: Since you are reading the “Black Cruise Travel” blog, you know that there are a number of different themed cruises out there. Talk with your travel agent about a cruise that is geared toward couples so that you and your mate have the best experience on board the ship. There are a ton of romantic themed cruises out there that are geared toward creating a private, romantic, intimate setting for couples.

Remember, you’re honeymooners and you want to have a romantic experience that you will remember for years to come. Another great perk that comes along with being a honeymooner is that a lot of travel companies (especially cruise lines) will have special room upgrades, amenities, freebies, and discounts for honeymooners.

So if you do decide that you ARE going to cruise for your honeymoon, make sure that you tell your booking agent that you are a honeymooner to see what type of specials are available to you.

Congrats and happy honeymooning!



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