Places To See Before They’re Gone

places-to-see-before-their-goneOne day you’re born, the next you’re walking and talking. Following that, completing grade school – BLINK – OMG, you’re walking across the stage to receive your college degree! Life goes by so quickly that if you’re not careful you’ll miss it. Life has a funny habit of falling into a regular routine – break free!

Travel now; before finding a soulmate or with your soulmate before you have kids or even with your soulmate and your kids! There are so many wonderful places to see, so many safe and budget friendly trips you can venture on that will enrich your life on all the levels a classroom could not.

As the world continues to age with time there are things we will no longer be able to see. Top 5 places to see before nature resets and they are gone forever:

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Due to pollution, cyclones, acidification and hot water temperatures the coral is have bleaching problems. More than half of the coral reef has already disappeared in the last 3 decades!

Venice, Italy (Also known as the “City of Water”)
One of the most beautiful places in the world; filled with romance, canal rides and gorgeous architecture. Studies have found that it is sinking 5 times faster than initially estimated, with high waves, water rising and the rush of tourism the question “How long does Venice have?” is more relevant than ever.

This is the world’s 4th largest island! You may be familiar with some of the native animals and the luscious rain forest due the hit movie Madagascar with King Julian. The movie offers only a small glimpse of how beautiful the island is. Sadly, due to poaching, logging and fires the Eco-system is dying. The island and its population can disappear in a little as 35 years unless changes are made to save the island.

Galapagos Islands
A volcanic group of islands in the Pacific Ocean; a province of Ecuador and a prominent destination to view wild life. With the growth of tourism and human settlement approx. 5 percent of the specials species existing only there have already gone extinct.

With all the talk of global warming, this particular location stands to be affected greatly. As the permafrost begins to thaw Alaska will undergo major climate change which in turn will remold the Alaska of the world today.

Don’t put off what you can do today for tomorrow – go out and explore!



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