Best Ways To Earn Airline Miles

Best Ways To Earn Airline MilesBest Ways To Earn Airline Miles

You don’t have to fly on an airplane in order to earn airline miles. It’s actually pretty smart to try to earn airline miles where you can as this can allow you to get discounted or free flights in the future.

Here are some of the best ways to earn airline miles.

Earn Airline Miles by Get The Right Credit Card

Some credit cards will award you airline miles. You generally will have to make certain purchases or meet monthly spending requirements in order to be eligible for these miles. The key to making the most out of these cards is to not buy anything you normally wouldn’t and to make sure that you pay off your card every month. If you don’t, you could be hit with interest fees which won’t make earning airline miles worth it. Capitol One is a popular choice as you can earn double miles on all purchases. If you use a particular airline often, then consider getting a credit card from that airline.  Chase Sapphire Preferred is another popular option for travelers.

Earn Airline Miles While you Shop

Some airlines will give you airline miles for making purchases through these portals. You can also get bonus offers every now and then that will award you big time as far as points goes. In general, you will usually be given anywhere from 1-10 miles for every purchase you make through these online shopping portals. While it’s not much, it will add up over time.

Earn Airline Miles While Sleeping at Hotels

There are a variety of websites that have partnerships with airlines. Because of this, they will reward users that book travel related products through them. Renting a car or booking a stay at a hotel through sites like can rack up a lot of miles for you. Before making a purchase on any of these sites, just make sure you read the fine print so that you can ensure that there aren’t any fees and you can be aware of how many miles you are actually earning.

Earn Airline Miles While You Dine
Most major airlines have a dining program where you can earn miles while you eat at popular local restaurants.  Just link your debit or credit card and when you pay you earn miles just like that.  Click here for Delta Skymiles Dining program and Jet Blue’s True Blue Dining. Choose the airline you fly with the most as once a credit card is registered for an airline dining program, you cannot use it for another airline.

Sign up for Airline Newsletters
What’s a few more annoying emails in your inbox worth to you?  Many airlines will offer you bonus miles just for singing up to for their newsletters or for downloading their Smartphone apps.

Leave Your Car At Home And Call Lyft For A Ride

Lyft is now getting into the airline miles game by partnering with Delta. Members of Delta’s SkyMiles program will earn a mile for every dollar that they spend when using Lyft. They will also get two bonus miles for each dollar that they spend going to the airport (no matter if they are flying on Delta or not). As an added bonus, new Lyft members will get two, $10 ride credits so that they can try out the service. In the future, consumers may see more partnerships between other airlines where they can earn and redeem airline miles.


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