What is Cruise Travel Insurance For?

Cruise travel insurance is the BEST investment for your cruise trip that you can make. If you opt OUT of paying for the insurance that the cruise line and/or travel agent offers and purchase your own travel insurance, a LOT of the time you will save more money and have better coverage by going through an independent agency such as Allianz Travel Insurance.

You would like to believe that your cruise vacation will go as planned. But if something happens, you want to be prepared. The Allianz Global Assistance Classic Travel Insurance Plan has features like comprehensive trip cancellation and primary emergency medical coverage, 24-hour travel assistance, and optional benefits to tailor the plan to your travel needs. Plus – no charge for covering kids under 18 or surprise processing fees!

Before you decide that you don’t need travel insurance, consider the following:

  • Past your final payment date most all cruise lines will NOT refund you 100% of your money. You could be charged 25% – 100% of the money that you spent if you need to cancel. 
  • Things in life happen very unexpectedly. If you booked your vacation to get the lowest prices 6-12 months in advance and the week before your cruise, an unexpected incident happens, you don’t want the stress of losing 100s or 1000s of dollars added to your plate.
  • The economy could change. We all expect to keep our jobs–but what happens when pre-cruise, you lose it unexpectedly? If you’re not covered, again, you’ve lost 100s – 1000s of dollars
  • 30-50% of travelers get injured on vacation. Don’t let this statistic scare you, instead, just be prepared. Most travel insurance comes along with accident and medical illness coverage.
  • Travel insurance can assist you in getting your prescriptions refilled if you run out or forget them at home.
  • If your luggage is lost or stolen, you’re covered.
  • If you miss your ship, the travel insurance will cover costs for you to get on the ship at the next available port in most instances.

Check out Allianz Travel Insurance for a free instant quote online today–just to see if the insurance is in your price budget. Cruise lines and travel agencies charge upward of $49-$199 per person for travel insurance (a family of 4 could spend between $196 – $794 in ADDITION to the cruise booked).

Purchasing independent travel insurance through a company such as Allianz can cover a family of 4 for sometimes less than $100 depending on the duration of your trip.




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