5 Reasons Why You SHOULD be Cruising with Carnival Cruise Lines Right Now

Carnival Cruise Lines has been in the news a LOT lately. From tales of power being lost at sea (Carnival Triumph) to cancellations of some of their other ships due to mechanical issues, there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by recently without hearing Carnival’s name somewhere. Some people are very wary of traveling on Carnival’s ships, but I’m going to tell you why I believe that you ABSOLUTELY should be booking your next vacation with them now.

    • They are having a KILLER sale. They are advertising Friends & Family rates all over their website. These rates are around 40-60% off of what the average rates are for wave season–the heaviest cruised months of the year. Carnival is apologizing in a way that speaks to consumers–through their pocketbooks. Along with this sale, I’ve seen 50% off deposits. 
    • The ships are only going to get safer. What happened to the Carnival Triumph was terrifying for guests I’d assume. Numerous news reports have shown the passengers on that ship stating that the crew was wonderful to them though the conditions were not that great. Since this has been such a PR nightmare for Carnival, I would assume that they are doing everything in their power to make sure that all of their ships are in tip top shape and that this does NOT happen again to any of their guests. I’d rather be cruising now when they are on alert and making sure that the ships are in pristine condition. ***Still worried? Get a FREE Cruise Travel Insurance Quote to protect your cruise vacation investment and ensure that you get 100% of your money back!***
    • Carnival has handled this PR nightmare wonderfully. Instead of denying what has happened (like most companies do) Carnival has admitted whole-heartedly that the situation was definitely their fault and they are publicly speaking about what they are doing to fix the issues that the ships have. Some of their sailings have been cancelled in order to make sure that the ships are in pristine condition to sail.
  • The weather is GREAT for cruising! The weather has NEVER been nicer in the Carribean, Mexico, and the Bahamas…why NOT go on a cruise?
  • Its an All Inclusive Family Vacation. There is no other vacation that you can take that includes hotel accomodations and amenities, free food and drinks (non-alcoholic), free entertainment, and FREE babysitting for your children if you want a few hours to yourself (if your children are old enough to go to the kids program on their ships) for less than $50 a day (***avg for 4 people per day on a 3-5 day cruise). If you are a US citizen and you are leaving from the US and coming back to the US–you don’t even need a passport to sail!

Traveling on a Carnival ship can be scary right now with the recent events that have happened, but if you really think about it, the low prices and stricter regulations could be a blessing in disguise for planning your vacation and keeping more of your cash!

Carnival Cruise Lines

Photo credit: Attribution: Stan Shebs

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