Why This Cruise Ship May Be Perfect For Women That Are Traveling

Why This Cruise Ship May Be Perfect For Women That Are TravelingThe Celebrity Edge just recently made its debut. This $1 billion ship has an innovative design and a moving, open-air platform that’s making waves. However, what really makes this ship unique is its impact on women. The ship was designed by women, for women. This is why the Edge may be the perfect cruise ship for women that are traveling and want to take a voyage on a ship that has their needs in mind.

More Women Crew Members
Typically, less than 20% of crew members on most cruise ships are made up of women. The Edge is different as 30% of the crew are women. This allows for more gender balance in the cruise industry.

Women Steering The Ship
Captain, Kate McCue will be steering this ship. McCue is the first woman in the world to hail from Ghana that will be working on the actual bridge of a massive cruise ship. This isn’t the first time that Celebrity’s hired a woman captain a they have hired two other women captains in the past.

Designs By Women
The unique interior of the Edge was designed by women. The President and CEO of Celebrity, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo and the company’s senior vice president of design, Kelly Gonzalez, worked together to design the Edge. They sought the help of popular designers like Kelly Hoppen and Patricia Urquiola to create the unique design of the ship. Overall, the space can be best described as transformative.

Products Available By Product Designers
One of the things that many travelers look forward to on a cruise is the shops on board of the ship. On the Edge, passengers can find many retail spaces that showcase products from women designers. Passengers can buy items like jewelry from designer Kallati or clothing from designer, Melissa Odabash. To make items easier to find, there is digital signage for many of the shops. One of them is a rotating sign called “Women with an Edge”. These signs are supposed to add to the overall retail experience for women.

Women Design Water Bottles With A Purpose
Plastic water bottles have been replaced on the Edge with aluminum bottles from Open Water. The bottles are part of an initiative to save the oceans and to reduce the carbon footprint left by cruise ships. The Open Water company is run by two women and was actually found by Lutoff-Perlo’s niece.


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