How Virgin Voyages Wants To Change The Way You Think About Cruises

How Virgin Voyages Wants To Change The Way You Think About CruisesCruises appeal to some people, while for others they seem rather boring. Virgin Voyages is trying to change the perception of cruising. When they launch their new ship, the Scarlet Lady in 2020, you might just be surprised at some of the things that you find on this ship. This is how Virgin Voyages is trying to change the way that you think about cruises with this 2,770 passenger capacity ship.

There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve never gotten a tattoo at sea. On the Scarlet Lady, there will be a tattoo parlor where you can get your very own tattoo. While this might seem like a surprise some passengers, Virgin may be trying to appeal to more of a younger crowd. It’s not uncommon for cruisers to want to bring home something memorable back from their vacation, so why not a tattoo?

Culinary Programs
One of the things that will really set this ship apart is the food. There won’t be any assigned dining times or assigned seating. Specialty restaurants will be included in the ship’s fair. The Scarlet Lady will also have a culinary program that includes the Razzle Dazzle diner. This diner will be quite colorful with red and white stripes and will have a naughty and nice menu. The naughty menu will offer foods that are seen as less nutritious, while the naughty menu will have a lot of plant-based dishes. During brunch, there will be drag performances to give diners a little entertainment while they eat. It is important to note that there will be an extra charge during this brunch for those that opt for the bottomless cocktails. Another food offering will be The Test Kitchen. Here passengers can take part in coffee workshops as well as mixology classes. For those looking for more of an upscale type eatery, they can visit Roman and Williams. This restaurant will feature a raw bar and a cocktail cart that visits each table. In addition to these restaurants, there will be other venues like Pink Agave that will feature Mexican inspired street food, a Korean barbecue restaurant called Geonbe, as well as The Gallery that will offer a variety of food items like bento boxes, a noodle bar, burger spot and bakery.

Wellness Options
Wellness will be encouraged on this ship. Passengers will be able to enjoy not only a spa, but boxing classes or boot camp at the athletic club. There will also be a full basketball court to shoot some hoops. For those just looking for a healthy drink to cool them off, they can visit the cold-pressed juice bar.

An added perk to sailing on this ship is that Virgin Voyages is an adults-only cruise line. The Scarlet Lady will be the first of three planned ships for Virgin Voyages. The ship will be sailing from Miami to the Caribbean during its inaugural season.

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