5 Cruise Destinations for Senior Citizens

Just because you’re considered a senior citizen, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want some fun and adventure in your life! The BEST way to add fun and adventure into your life without breaking the bank is to take a cruise! There are a ton of cruises that may appeal to cruisers 55 years of age and older!

Here are 5 Destinations that Senior Citizens should check out:

1. Alaska: This is a GREAT destination because there is so much beautiful scenery! If you travel to Alaska in the summer time, you will experience cook but pleasant weather–and there are a TON of great shore excursions in Alaska such as the Whale Watching Tour in Juneau, the Ketchikan Bear Creak Zipline Adventure, the Skagway Yukon Discovery Adventure, and more! Be sure to bring your camera–if you love to take pictures, you will get a ton of beautiful photos of the Alaska frontier!

2. The Great Lakes: Crossing the Great Lakes is an amazing once in a lifetime experience! A lot of Great Lakes cruises are done on smaller more intimate ships with larger staterooms. Imagine sailing from Chicago to Toronto continuing through Lake Huron, sailing past the city of Detroit and into Lake Erie on our way to the Welland Canal and Niagara Falls. You will definitely experience the natural beauty of the Great Lakes coastline passing through whispering bays, rivers, canals, and cozy coastal ports! A Great Lakes tour is GREAT for the warm summer/fall months.

3. Transatlantic Crossings: Larger cruise ships often will offer transatlantic crossing cruises. These cruises are typically longer in duration so that you have more time to enjoy the ships amenities (spa treatments, movies, classes, sushi bars, entertainment, etc.) while sailing across the seas. For example, a cruise leaving from Port Canaveral, FL and settling in Barcelona, Spain that sails for 13 days would be filled with a ton of great ports to sightsee at as well as leisure.

4. Traveling Down the Mississippi: How does traveling along the Mississippi River in a sleek classic, paddle-wheeling riverboat sound? Lovely I’d imagine! A lot of smaller, cozy, ships travel down the Mississippi and there are a ton of historic ports to visit such as New Orleans, LA and Memphis, TN!

5. Adventures Afloat: Elderhostel, now called Road Scholar, pioneered the concept of seniors traveling abroad for adventure and life-long learning experiences. Many companies now offer this type of cruise in such exotic locales as the Yangtze River in China, the Black Sea, the Panama Canal or even the Galapagos Islands. Each cruise is a quest for knowledge, excitement and memories of a lifetime.

Of course there are a TON of additional destinations that senior citizens do enjoy, but here’s a starting point for some destinations that you may not have thought about before!



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