5 Reasons that Black Cruise Week Has Become So Popular

Many travel agencies are seeing a spike in the amount of travelers who want to go on a themed cruise: cruises that appeal to their likes, wants, hobbies, agendas etc. and black cruises are some of the most popular. Within the black cruise umbrella there are cruises specific to people who like a particular artist, music type, comedy cruises, black gay and lesbian cruises, music cruises with nightly theme parties (Grown & Sexy,) black educational cruises (NPN Leadership cruises), and a ton of black beach week themed cruises.

Here are a few other reasons that black cruises are becoming so popular according to Group Travel Leader:

  1. “The African-American community participates twice as much in group travel as the U.S. population as a whole,” and African Americans “purchase $437 million of group travel each year, with the average group spending $125,000 annually on travel.”
  2.  “African-American groups are the perfect affinity market,” and “They are community driven and possess a strong network of communications inside their social groups.” What better way to feel a sense of “community” than to go on a week long voyage filled with excitement and adventure?
  3. African American groups are loyal. Usually if you go on a cruise, LOVE the cruise line, LOVE the group coordinator, LOVE the travel agency–chances are that you will go on that cruise again.
  4. Group activity. Sometimes its not the destination that you are going to, its the group that you are going with that “makes” the cruise whether the cruise is faith based, music based, etc.
  5. “The African-American group is much more upscale driven than the travel industry realizes […] While willing to pay for service and product, a return of value is expected.”

Black cruise and travel dollars will continue to grow year by year with the addition of more African American themed cruises. Be sure to continue to read Black Cruise Travel to stay updated on them all.


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