6 Things that You Should Know About Cruising with Children

Lets face it, traveling with your children can be EXHAUSTING because kids do whatever they want to do, ESPECIALLY when you don’t want for them to! The LAST thing that you want to have happen on a cruise is to have a child that is whiney, bored, throwing tantrums, bothering other guests, or not want to eat anything that the cruise line has on the menu.

A LOT of cruise lines are geared toward families. They provide baby sitting services, all day children’s activities, and more!

Here are some tips to help you to book the BEST cruise when you bring children along to sail”

1. Book on a Large Ship: Children get bored extremely easily and booking on a ship that has a LOT to do will help you out in the long run. Smaller ships usually have fewer options, but larger ships that have a full time cruise director will be filled with activities for your children.

***Carnival Cruise Lines is EXCELLENT when you’re traveling with Kids***

2. Traveling with Teenagers: Research before getting on the ship to see what there is for your teen to do. Here’s a few things that will definitely keep your teen occupied: wifi on board the ship, video games, and dance clubs! Find out what your kids are interested in, and check to make sure your cruise can meet the grade.

3. Childcare Onboard: Want to go on a shore excursion or dance all night in a club, but want for your children to be entertained? Check to see if your ship offers childcare onboard. Some cruise lines offer childcare programs during the day and babysitting services at night; some don’t. If a break, without kids, is part of your vacation agenda, you need to choose a cruise line that offers these options.

4. Disney Cruise Line: How could you go wrong with Disney when looking for a kid-friendly cruise? The Disney team are experts at keeping kids smiling. Be sure to pack your Disney princess outfits from last Halloween. Your child now has an excuse to wear them one last time.

5. Kid Friendly Cabins: While you may save money by cramming your entire family into one cabin that will hold 4-5; you may have a much more enjoyable time by booking 2 separate adjoining cabins. This way, your bathroom isn’t being hogged by your teen daughter, and you have more room to move around.

6. Destinations: Have a family planning session to discuss what you would like to do at each port, and vote on shore excursions.  You can also let each child research an area or activity and contribute their findings to the meeting. Memories can be made just from the shared experience of planning a family vacation.

You know your children better than anyone. If you select a trip that appeals to their interests, the cruise line’s staff will take care of the rest. Whether your child is addicted to hot dogs or has to have a chocolate chip cookie before bed, the pros will know what to do.




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