6 Reasons to Take an Alaskan Cruise


    1. The Best Cruise Itineraries: From cruising Glacier Bay or Tracy Arm Fjord see some of the most BEAUTIFUL scenery that you’ve ever seen while sailing! Most cruise lines such as Princess will have specialists at every port that give you special information at each stop.
    2. Amazing Ports of Call: From the astounding ice-capped mountains of Juneau to famed historic waterfront of Ketchikan each cruise port is different in its own way. Visit Skagway the gateway to the gold fields for the thousands who flocked to Alaska and the Yukon with the hope of striking it rich.
    3. Awesome Excursions: From sled dog tours, glacier hiking and climbing, zip lining, rafting and more–there are a TON of great adventures to be had when you venture off for shore tours and excursions.

  1. Amazing Cuisine: Alaska has its own cuisine that you have to try! Try Alaskan King Crab or maybe Alaskan salmon. If you’re adventurous try some of the large game–moose, bear, caribou, or elk! Sourdough bread is also very popular in Alaska!
  2. Check out Alaskan Wildlife: Alaska is very well known for its wildlife. View mountain goats, sea otters, sea lions, killer whales, bald eagles, bears and more!
  3. Cool off during the Summertime: Peak cruising season for Alaska is June РSeptember when its usually hot in other parts of the country. With summer temperatures hitting highs in the low 80s you will have a blast escaping the heat.




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