A Day in Bonaire

A Day in BonaireA Day in Bonaire

One of the interesting things about Bonaire is that it actually sits below the sea’s surface. Because of this, it’s a great place to do some underwater exploring. This small island is a treasure trove of things to do for tourists, even if they only have a day to spend in Bonaire.


Start your day at Lac Bye. It’s a protected cove and filled with shallow water and white sand. It’s the perfect spot to go snorkeling. However, windsurfing and kayaking are held here and there are rentals of both available. Another fun thing to do at Lac Bye is to go on an excursion through the mangroves in a glass bottom boat. There’s also a beach bar to grab a snack at.


Located on the northwestern part of the island, Washington Slagbaai National Park is 13,500 acres. At the entrance of the park there is a museum that was an original plantation house that’s been restored. It features articles, viewing galleries and displays. There are several different routes to walk including the short “green” route or the “yellow” long route. Many visitors make the 2-3 hour trek up Brandaris Hill while here as it’s Bonaire’s highest point and offers great views of the island. On clear days Venezuela is even visible. Once finished at the park, be sure to visit the Boca Slagbaai Restaurant that features local fare.

Late Afternoon:

The Donkey Sanctuary is a fun place to go for people of all ages. It’s only a few minutes away from Kralendijik and houses over 500 donkeys. Admission is only $7 and individuals may wander around the sanctuary easily on foot. You can buy food to feed them or bring your own bags of carrots. Just be forewarned that once they realize you have food they will try to get it. There’s also a gift shop to visit as well.

Other Places Worth Mentioning

If you have time, Gotomeer Lake is a great place to go. Also, the small town of Rincon has salt ponds where flamingos can be seen meandering about. There are also Slave Huts nearby that you can view. If you are interested in seeing a coral reef, visit Bonaire Marine Park. Many of the reefs are only about 30 feet from the shore which makes this area an excellent place to go diving. Overall there are around 53 dive sites that are accessible. There is a small fee that you have to pay to go into the waters at Bonaire Marine Park, but this fee also allows admission to Washington Slagbaai National Park as well.


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