Disney’s After Hours Weddings

Disney’s After Hours WeddingsDisney’s After Hours Weddings

Every bride wants to have a memorable wedding experience that their guests will talk about for years to come. Do you love Disney, have a nice chunk of change available and are looking for a unique wedding venue? Consider having a Disney after hours wedding. While it won’t be cheap, it will be quite a memorable experience.

What You Get

Couples can tie the knot outside the castle. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a princess on your wedding day, this is certainly one way to do it. The bride and groom can invite up to 300 guests so they can share in the special day as well and they will mostly have the park to themselves without a bunch of tourists wandering around. Because the park closes so late, the ceremony won’t start until around 11 p.m. So make sure you and your guests get a nap beforehand!

The Hefty Price Tag

So how much does all of this cost? A whopping $180,000. You can also get extras like riding in Cinderella’s Glass Coach, complete with white ponies and a footmen and a price tag of $2,950. To keep the groom from feeling left out, they can ride right down Main Street in a turn of the century vehicle. You can also opt to a grand dinner complete with flowers, candles and a multi-tiered cake for $175 a head.

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Other Wedding Options

If you still want to get married in Disney, but don’t have over $180,000 grand to shell out, there is another option. Disney does offer weddings during the day at a variety of locations. For instance, the East Plaza Garden can accommodate 100 guests and costs just $25,000. Other packages range from $2,500 for just 4 guests, up to $75,000 for a customized wedding. These weddings take place during normal business hours with the first one available at 9:30 a.m.  Another option is to get married on a Disney cruise ship.

Disney isn’t new to the wedding market. They started offering these services about 25 years ago with everything from princess dresses to complete planning of the affair to take the stress away from the bride and groom. If getting married at Disney is appealing to you, make sure you book your plans early as even the pricier weddings do tend to sell out quickly.



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