Things to Do in Mahogany Bay

Things to Do in Mahogany BayCarnival Cruise Lines port, Mahogany Bay, has a lot to offer it’s passengers. In fact, passengers may find it near impossible to narrow down what they want to do. Here are some of the most popular activities that cruise passengers enjoy while in Mahogany Bay.

You won’t go in a standard kayak when you are in Mahogany Bay. Visitors can go in a clear kayak around Gumbalimba Park. This makes the experience a lot more interesting as they can see all of marinelife swimming below them while they are paddling their boat. After the kayak ride is over, participants will get to visit David Johnson’s monkey park to see the monkeys and go snorkeling.

What do you have when you combine scuba and snorkeling? Snuba! Those who participate in this activity will get to explore up to 20 feet below the surface off of the pier at Gumbalimba Nature Park. Once underwater they will get to see marine life like stingrays, starish and octip. There is also a coral reef to explore.

Magical Flying Beach Chair
One of the more interesting things to do in Mahogany Bay is to go on the Magical Flying Beach Chair. Basically, it’s like a ski lift that takes participants from the area where all of the shops are, over to the beaches. Those on the chair will get to fly above the water and possibly catch a glimpse at a stingray down below.

Swim with the Dolphins
The dolphins here tend to be very friendly and welcoming to those who want to swim with them. Participants will be taken over to the Marine Research Institute where they will get to swim, touch and play with the dolphins. Many participants are surprised at how curious these dolphins are!

If you are interested in shopping in Mahogany Bay, you don’t have to go very far as the shopping district is right at the port. Here you will find things like handcrafted items, jewelry and clothing. There are a variety of items available so it’s a good idea to spend some time browsing.

Try Local Foods
Visitors can find a fairly good variety of foods here. For breakfast, head on over to the gelato shop. They serve a good selection of items, but you want to make a stop here just for the coffee as it’s made with Honduran beans. Yum! For lunch, go to Fat Tuesdays. There are actually a couple of them located here- one in the shopping district and one beachside. For dinner, Playa Tortugas Chill n’ Grill has a pretty good sized menu. Just remember though that not all of these eateries accept Sign and Sail cards so make sure you bring either cash or a credit card.


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