Black Travel Groups to Colombia

Did you know Columbia was rated the happiest place in the world as of 2021, has the world’s two largest festivals, and has the biggest population of African descent in the entire western hemisphere? Colombia is filled with a rich culture, diversity, and music known as ‘”the Land of Thousands of rhythms” Colombia’s music is a mixture of Spanish and European influences with indigenous sounds and African beats. If your palate loves new and bold flavors, you will not be disappointed. Join in on one of the Black Travel Groups to Colombia.

Colombia being so diverse, will give you the unique options of cities to visit and countless activities to explore, from Art and culture, museum, kayaking, and its beautiful beaches. Fantastic wildlife, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Oh, let us not forget the nightlife, where music inspires you to a height of wonders. If you are looking to fall in love with a country where every day is a magical experience, the answer is Colombia.

Some of the top cities to visit in Colombia 


Bogotá La Candelaria, Bogotá



Ciudad Perdida ( the Lost city), and many more

Delicious Food

Colombia’s cuisine is a blend of its rich culture, Caribbean, Amazonian, Spanish and African, including rice and beans, pork, chicken, and corn.

Here are some of their top dishes.

Bandeja paisa is a national dish that contains steak, ground beef, rice, beans, an egg, arepa, and avocado. You might need a second plate for space cause there is plenty.

Ajico soup made of potato, corn and chicken. Mondongo soup made from tripe with cilantro, veggies such as peas, carrots, onion, chicken stock.

Empanadas-knows as street food, ingredients include beef or chorizo, chicken depending on your preference, also cheese, a delicious snack on the go

Lechona-a mixture of chickpeas, pork meat, served with arepa

Fritanga is a mixture of meats such as sausage, potatoes, chorizo crackling, plantain, and corn.

Traditional Colombian Drinks

Aguardiente which translates to “fire water,” is an alcohol made from anise and sugar cane.
Canelazo is a hot drink with sugar cane, cinnamon, aguardiente & lime juice.
Coco Loco which translates to crazy coconut is a popular cocktail made with rum, vodka, tequila, coconut cream, coconut water & lime.
Coffee is without a doubt the most popular drink in Colombia.
Colombian beer…there are several to choose from including Aguila, Club Colombia, Costena, Pilsen & Poker.
Fresh squeezed juices are available in unique flavors including tamarind, guanabana (soursop) or chontaduro (pach palm)
Ron Medellin is the locally produced rum. Like aguardiente, it’s common to order a bottle for the table and drink it straight, on ice or with a lime.

In conclusion, Colombia is the perfect destination to add to your bucket list with such a rich and diverse culture. It is full of activities to do and places to visit. The delicious food and music that make you feel alive, beaches, museums, and of course the people that represent its history, their smiling faces, their colorful clothing, and their energy that resonate the drums beating, creating a sound of a life lived! Join a Black Travel Group to Colombia.

Ready to experience Colombia?

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