Plan and Book Your Church Group Cruise Getaway

Book your Church Group Auxiliary Cruise  and Enjoy the Perks

Traveling in general is exciting and fun, especially with a group. Since 1988, Atlas Cruises and Tours has organized 100’s of meets and incentive cruises for an impressive list of clients.

Atlas Cruises and Tours are travel professionals that will help you from choosing the right ship, planning on board private events , &  group shore excursions. Their dedicated and experienced team will help you to plan everything and can service any group no matter how large or small.

Your Church Group Auxiliary can enjoy the highest standards of quality and personal service, the lowest negotiated group rates possible, and extra privileges and benefits. Examples of these FREE AMENITIES are category upgrades, cocktail parties, group photos, champagne, and even COMPLIMENTARY cabins.

Booking your church group cruise can help you all to bond as a church family. While inside of the church you are continuously bonding, a church group cruise vacation allows you to really get to one another on an even more personal basis. Church choir groups, church women groups, church men’s groups, church couples groups, and church youth groups could really flourish through this experience. The best part of it all is that you can get started for as little as $50 deposit per cabin with a group travel leader like Atlas Cruises and Tours, AND pay the cruise cabins off in payments if you have to.

Activities can be scheduled and created JUST for your church group-such as a daily fellowship or prayer time before going off to explore beautiful islands; or perhaps a group shore excursion where you can learn about and meet different cultures (depending on where you are visiting). Games, Team building exercises, and a church social mixer on-board the ship are just some of the things that you may consider. Ask your travel agency about scheduling special speakers and performers as well.

There are many benefits to booking a group cruise for one of your Church auxiliaries and booking through Atlas Cruises and Tours makes it so easy:

*You Save Time Organizing: Because Atlas Cruises and Tours is a highly experience travel agency, they lend you their expertise for no additional cost. Why book your church group cruise on your own; when you could get a professional to do the work for the same price that you will pay the cruise line directly anyway?  Atlas Cruises and Tours handles all of the paperwork with the cruise line, takes all incoming calls from those interested in booking your church group cruise, and answers any and all questions on your behalf. This gives you time to promote your group cruise and not have to worry with the small details.

*Friendly Personalized Service:  Booking your own church cruise through the cruise line is not a very personal experience; you call a 1-800 number and speak to someone different everytime. Getting to know the person assigned to your Church group is a Key benefit to booking with Atlas Cruises and Tours. You develop a personal connection with your church group cruise agent. Also, depending on the size of your group, an on board host could be assigned to sail with your group at no additional cost just to make sure that your church group cruise goes as smoothly as possible.

*Promoting your Church Group Cruise: Atlas Cruises and Tours will help you to promote your church group cruise with simplicity and ease by offering a personalized website for your group where interested parties and participants can learn more about your cruise, sign up for the cruise, and even make payments toward their cruise. This saves you a ton of time, effort, and energy.

*Payment Plans are No Problem: Atlas Cruises and Tours will help to  up payment plans for your church group or auxiliary, giving the option of small deposits and up to 5 payments to give participants time to save money. Not everyone has $500 to put down on a cruise that is on year away. We can start deposits as low as $50 per person and build up the payments over several months.

Ready to start planning that cruise for your church group? Contact Atlas Cruises and Tours by visiting their website here, give them a call at 1-800-942-3301, OR fill out the form below–either way let them know that you were referred by Black Cruise Travel for a special offer for your group.

Atlas Cruises and Tours has coordinated and booked some of the most popular cruises listed on  such as the Grown & Sexy Cruise.




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