10 Black Travel Blogs You Should Read (and why!)

black travel blogs you should readWe at Black Cruise Travel LOVE to travel, read about travel, take and view photos of about travel, and just experience life. Since we DO focus solely on cruise travel (which obviously is our FAVORITE method of travel) we decided to share some travel blogs and bloggers that we follow and read on a regular basis.

These black travel blogs are definitely worth checking out and you will see that a lot of them have the same things in common-beautiful photos and video, great information, and each is unique in its own way. We like to spread the love to other bloggers and hope that you–our beloved readers will check some of these blogs out. Comment below to tell us what you think and contact us through our contact form if you have a cool travel blog that you read.

10 Black Travel Blogs You Should Read (and why!)

1.  Minority Nomad @minoritynomad

The story behind this blogger and blog is amazing–in a nutshell he came from the bottom, is still reaching for the top, and has a very inspirational story about learning to finally think for himself and take control of his life. Interesting things to check out on this blog are: “My Travel Itinerary” where he lists the different places that he has traveled, “Journal” where he gives you “real-time” thoughts and words about his journeys as he experiences them, and we LOVE the “Minority Report” where he himself along with guest bloggers of all minority categories (race, sexual orientation, etc.) express their views and opinions while traveling. Check out the photos on this blog as well–they are some of the most BEAUTIFUL travel photos that we have seen!

2.  Black Travel Snob @blacktravelSNOB

One of the main reasons (besides the NAME of this blog) that we love this blog is that the layout is so beautiful and classy as well as the information that you receive from the blog. The “Black Travel Snob” believes in “group travel experiences that expose members to luxury privileges without the hefty price tag” which we here at Black Cruise Travel DEFINITELY agree with. The information listed in “10 Tips” is something that every traveler, experienced or not, should definitely read as they raise REALLY good points that all travelers should consider and give really good travel information. The Black Travel Snob takes each destination visited and gives you a very detailed overview complete with photos, videos, and culture tips (which are VERY valuable to read when traveling to another country).

3.  I Luv 2 GlobeTrot @iluv2globetrot

The bloggers that run this site met as English as a 2nd language teachers while working in South Korea. Since then they have gone on numerous vacations together and continue to travel the world together. The great thing about this blog is that they list their travels and include really amazing photos and video alongside them so that you almost feel as if you were traveling right alongside them!  The “travel news” section highlights some of the travel industry’s hot topics of interest. We love, love, love the “Phrases of Inspiration” section of this blog which has some of the most uplifting quotes that you’ll read. They have been featured in numerous publications and have their own store filled with “I Luv 2 GlobeTrot” travel gear.

4.  Nicole Is The New Black @nicolenewblack

Nicole is definitely the new black and something spectacular. She currently lives outside of the United States and loves travel and adventure. Click on any of her Travels and get a first person perspective of what “life” is in that area (for example, I LOVED reading in the section on Denmark about “Christmas in Copenhagen”). Another reason that I LOVE Nicole’s blog is that she has invented “New Words” her own language when writing of her travels–our fav word? “Facebook  Tourist” : A term used to describe a person whose travel experiences are defined and limited to taking picture of monuments and landmarks. She also has a pretty awesome YouTube Channel with information on travel and other interesting topics (hair, plus-sized fashion, family life etc.). Nicole is also the co-host of “Women of Color Travel Talk.”

5.  The Jet Set Pets @thekellyecarter

Kelly E Carter the creator of this innovative blog has compiled the best information that we have found on the web about luxury travel for pampered pets. She provides information for “petsetters” jet-setters who travel with their pets! We LOVE that she thoroughly reviews different animal friendly hotels, airlines, and provides pet entry regulations for over 30 countries around the globe. Kelly writes about pet travel for various publications such as USA Today and the LA Times. For any pet lover who wants to know how to travel with their beloved pet, this blog gives you the A to Z details on it!

6.  Walking the Spirit @jcbrowne

Julia Brown is the creator of “Walking the Spirit Tours,” the original black heritage tours in Paris which offers journeys that blend black heritage, city and region discovery all into one. Her beautiful blog highlights walking tours, bus tours, study abroad programs, and she offers full trip planning. In the “Spirit of Black Paris” blog, she highlights the hottest spots in Paris complete with photos, local interviews, book suggestions, and more. Julia Brown’s websites embody everything that is Paris.

7.  Kiratiana Travels @kiratiana

The premise of Kiratiana’s blog is “let a black girl show you the world,” and this is exactly what she is accomplishing. She “takes you along on her journey” by writing about her experiences and showing you the different photos, videos, and personal essays that she acquires along the way. She has written a bestselling Amazon book “Kiratiana’s Travel Guide to Multicultural London: Get Lost and Get Found,” that details all that you need to know about the culture, food, dance, and district areas of London. She holds different contests on her blog for travelers, and if you check out “The 10 Commandments of “Enlightened” International Travel” you will learn a lot about traveling abroad in a fun and easy to remember way. Kiratiana has DEFINITELY been around the world, as you can check out the different destinations and events (we loved reading about the different Olympic games that she has attended in other countries), that she has been to and feel as if you are there traveling along with her.

8.  Follow Me Away @followmeawaytravel

The photography on his Instagram account is amazing.  We dare you to look and not want to jump to plan your next trip.  Great travel advise on his blog as well.

9.  Brown Girls Fly @browngirlsfly

This blog was started by 2 sisters who love to travel, and whose eyes were opened up to travel by their father when they were young. We LOVE checking out their destinations because of the rich, beautiful, detailed photos that are on this blog. When checking out destinations, they often will list their favorite things to do at each, which makes it easy for the reader to see first hand what they can experience at that specific destination. The “tips and tricks” that they share are very informative and helpful from “Making the Best Out of a Long Layover” to “Travel Fashion: What to Pack/Wear?” They also feature different interviews from black travelers in their “Traveling Brown” section which gives you so many different perspectives on travel. A unique aspect of this blog is the music mixes that they compile and share with readers.

10.  American Black Chick in Europe @ABCiE

This blog details the travel experiences, personal experiences, and life in general of the “American Black Chick in Europe.” We loved reading about biking in Copenhagen and about interracial relationships in Europe. All of her topics relate to travel but in a very fun and unique way. “Expat-ness” gives you “expert” information and advice about European travel, finance, food, cultural awareness and more. And in her “Wanderlust” section you can read detailed accounts of her quick getaway trips, holiday trips, travel TIPS, and more–complete with large beautifully detailed photos to go along with the post. On the sidebar you can also view “Things this Black Chick Digs” which we found interesting–just because it gave us insight into the personality of the blogger (as if it doesn’t shine through every post enough) and its different.


  1. I use a lot of these blogs to plan trips, but I found several that I hadn’t seen before on the list. Thanks for sharing! Do you have any favorites?

  2. I just started a Facebook page called “African Girls Travel”….we are travelling, just not blogging.

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  4. Nice list. Also add BlkPeople, http://www.blkpeople.com, its a little different, because its where you go to find where black people are hanging out in any city you visit. Not really a blog, although it has a blog section, its still a very good resource. Thanks for the great list.


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