Cruise Related Travel Apps

Cruise Related Travel AppsThere are all sorts of resources that you can use when you are going on a cruise. Of these are cruise related apps that can help your entire cruise go smoother. The following apps can be very beneficial for travelers that plan to go on a cruise sometime soon.

Cruise Price Tracker

What It’s Good For: Monitoring Cruise Prices

This free cruise price alert app is easy to sign up for an is available for all major cruise lines.  Just search the ship and sailing date you are interested in, and you will receive an email if there are any changes in price, amenities or itinerary.


What It’s Good For: Packing

I don’t know about you, but I am always afraid that I will forget to pack something when I am traveling. While this might not be a big deal in most instances, when you are stuck on a cruise ship for several days there may not be a way to get the items that you need. The PackPoint app can help you remember everything that you need to pack. It will ask you a few questions and then provide you with a personalised packing list. It also looks up the weather forecast at your location, based on your travel dates, and takes that into consideration.


What It’s Good For: Organization

There’s a lot of planning and things you have to remember when you are going on a cruise. TripIt helps you organize all of these things in one convenient little app. You can look up your itineraries for your cruise, sync your calendar and be reminded about check-ins.

Wi-Fi Finder

What It’s Good For: Wi-Fi Hotspots

While your cruise ship will probably have some sort of Wi-Fi, what about at your actual destination? If the idea of being disconnected doesn’t seem appealing, download the Wi-Fi Finder. How it works is that the app will search for nearby hotspots. You can also search the local directory to find hotspots before you arrive at your destination.


What It’s Good For: Activities in Ports

We love this app for so many different reason. When you are going on a cruise, TripAdvisor can be extremely helpful for finding things to do at your destinations. You can do things like download maps of a city and read real reviews of top rated attractions. It will also provide you with both walking and driving directions so you can get from the port to where you want to go easily.

XE Currency

What It’s Good For: Calculating Conversions

Your stop on a cruise ship may very well include a destination that uses another form of currency. This can often trip travelers up as they don’t know if they are getting a good deal or not on a souvenir or a meal. The XE Currency app allows you to quickly calculate the conversion rate while you are on the go.


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