A Day in Costa Maya

Many cruise ships stop at Costa Maya. It’s fairly small, but it’s still a rather inviting place with friendly locals. If you are visiting here for just one day, there’s plenty to do to fill your time. These are some of the top things to do even if you only have a few hours to spend in this amazing city.

The Beach
For many people, as soon as they step foot off of the ship they just go straight to the beach. This is because it’s very inviting with its white sand and crystal clear waters. It’s shallow and pretty calm thanks to the reef that’s located only around 100 yards from the shore. If you are looking for a little more of an adventure, contact one of the nearby hotels like Kabah-Na before your trip and inquire about using their amenities for the day. Many of these hotels are easily accessible via taxi and provide hammocks and food and drinks onsite. They also tend to be not as crowded as the beaches right off of the port.

Chacchoben Ruins
Many cruise ships offer excursions to these ruins. Some excursions will include just the ruins while others are more of a full day tour and will allow you to visit the Mayan villages that are nearby and see the locals. This is a great experience for those that want to get to know the Mayan culture.

This little town is only a few miles from Costa Maya. Visitors will often take a taxi too it, have lunch and do some shopping. It’s fairly walkable from the port to the town, but it’s not advisable with the extreme heat. There’s a lot of hole in the wall type restaurants here where you can try some great, authentic dishes. If you want to book a snorkeling or diving tour, this is a good place to do it as it’s not as congested as the beaches right near the cruise ship. Also, there are a variety of interesting souvenirs to be found here. It’s also a good spot to grab a lounge chair and have a few drinks in between shopping, eating and exploring. If you can, rent a bike and ride around town. This will allow to you easily be able to get around and not have to deal with taxis. Overall the area is laidback and welcoming to tourists.


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