Travel Hacks That Don’t Work

Everyone wants to save a buck or two when traveling. Some people will go to great lengths to try to get a good deal, including trying a travel hack. The following hacks are fairly popular, but rarely yield good results.

Rental Cars
One of the most well-known travel hacks is to book a rental car reservation on a travel website to where you bid for a car by setting a certain price. This isn’t always a good way to go about renting a car because you don’t know which company you are getting your rental car from until your bid is accepted. Nowadays you can generally find cheaper car rental prices at websites like AAA or Costco or even the car company’s website directly and you don’t have to do any bidding.

There are two hacks that don’t work at hotels. The first one is to try to bribe the person working at the front desk. This hack is sort of old school as most people realize that front desk people will not take bribes, especially since there are cameras everywhere nowadays and most individuals won’t risk losing their jobs for $20. Also, calling the hotel directly won’t always get you a better deal if they are a national chain.

This hack is fairly popular, but doesn’t tend to have good results overall. Many people believe that if they book their flight exactly 42 days from their departure date that they will get the best deal. In reality, airfare fluctuates a lot so there’s no telling when you are going to get the best rate. If you are searching for a flight and you find what you think is a good fare, you are better off just purchasing it rather than waiting to see if it will be cheaper in a few days. Chances are prices will probably go up. If the airfare does go down after you purchase your ticket, you can always call the airline and see if they will refund you some of the ticket price.

If you are looking to get the best deal on travel, you are better off utilizing a travel agency than trying any of the hacks mentioned above. If you are wanting to try to find a better deal on your own, make sure you do your research and shop around before you book any of your travel plans.


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