How A Cruise Can Help You Fight Social Media Fatigue

How A Cruise Can Help You Fight Social Media Fatigue

How many hours a day do you think you spend on social media? Nowadays, it’s difficult to limit the amount of time that you spend on social media sites as there’s just so much information on them that you want to see. Social media is a great way to catch up with friends and family, find local events in your town or to see what others are saying about a local restaurant. Unfortunately, being on our social media accounts frequently can lead to social media fatigue. Instead of giving up these sites altogether, you can simply take a short break from them by going on a cruise. Even a short cruise can help you fight social media fatigue in several ways.

You’re Forced To Do So
The majority of cruise ships do offer Wi-Fi of some kind for passengers onboard. However, many passengers don’t end up using it as it tends to be expensive to access or extremely slow. This is a good thing for those that are dealing with social media fatigue. A cruise forces them to take a break from social media as they don’t want to have to pay to get online or deal with slow loading web pages.

Plenty Of Distractions
There are just so many things for you to distract yourself with when you are on a cruise. Because of this, there’s a good chance that you won’t even miss going on social media when you are on the ship. It may take some time for you to get used to not snapping a picture to post onto your Instagram account right away, but in no time at all you should be able to immerse yourself in all different amenities and entertainment options all around you and forget about your social media sites (at least temporarily!).

You’ll Lose Interest
Slowly, but surely you will lose interest in your social media accounts when your on a cruise. The longer you are on the ship & seeing new places, the less of an urge you will have to hop online. By the end of your cruise, your social media fatigue should just about be gone. Just make sure that you carry this home with you and try to limit the amount of time that you spend on social media so that you won’t be battling fatigue from it in the very near future. Fortunately, if you do find yourself dealing with it again, there are always plenty of cruises for you to book to cure your social media fatigue.

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