Should You Check Your Luggage or Ship It

Should You Check Your Luggage or Ship ItWith many airlines raising their checked baggage fees, travelers are wondering what their options are. They may be tempted to pack less so that they can just fit everything into a carry-on bag. If this isn’t a feasible option for you, you may want to consider shipping your luggage. The fees might be a lot less, plus you won’t have to worry about the airline losing your luggage. Here’s what you should know so that you can decide whether or not you should check your luggage.

Not all shipping options are cheaper than checking a bag. However, they are a lot more convenient. They will provide pickup and drop off service, which is great for those that are carrying a rather bulky bag. Travelers don’t necessarily have to worry about whether or not their suitcase meets a certain weight or measurement requirement like they would if they were checking their bag when flying. These are some of the most popular luggage delivery service providers:

Luggage Forward- This is one of the cheaper options to have your luggage delivered to your destination. They ship both domestically and to 175 countries. Prices range from about $100 for five day delivery across the U.S. to $220 for one-day delivery. They also offer 24/7 phone support and an on-time delivery guarantee that states that if your luggage isn’t delivered on time, you will receive a full refund plus up to $500 for any additional expenses you incurred because of it.

LugLess- Fees for this service tend to be less than checking two bags when flying. They start as low as $18 for domestic shipping. While you will need to ship your suitcase about five to six days before your trip in order to enjoy cheap rates, it may be worth it if you don’t want to have to deal with lugging around a suitcase at the airport. If you add extras like insurance, you will have to pay a bit more.

FedEx/UPS- One of the more popular options for shipping luggage is to ship it through either FedEx or UPS. While this option is pricey at times and can cost you a couple hundred bucks just to ship a 50-pound bag domestically, because of the convenience of it, many travelers feel that it is worth the cost. One of the nice things about using FedEx or UPS to ship your luggage is that you can track it so you know where it is at most of the time.


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