What To Do When Your Rental Car Isn’t Available

Most of the time when you rent a car, it will be there waiting for you when you go to pick it up. Here are some great tips to help you Choose The Best Rental Car For Your Road Trip. However, there are times to where rental car companies overbook. What this means is that you may find yourself not being able to pick up the car that you reserved.

This is what you should do if your rental car isn’t available.

Ask For A Complimentary Upgrade
It’s pretty standard for a rental car company to give you a complimentary upgrade if the car you rented isn’t available for pickup. It doesn’t cost you a thing and you can get a nicer car than what you previously booked. In most instances it will be one car class above your reservation

Find A Vehicle At Another Company
There may be instances to where the rental car company doesn’t have any vehicles available for you. This is especially true for larger vehicles like minivans. Sometimes they are willing to find you a vehicle at another company and even transport you there. If this does happen make sure that they issue you a refund so that you don’t get stuck accidentally paying for two rental cars. In some instances the rental car company might have several locations in the city that you are visiting. An employee may be able to find a rental car for you at one of these locations and even take you there to pick it up.

A Temporary Solution
Sometimes rental car companies just need extra time to find you a vehicle. If you aren’t able to wait around or it will take them a while to secure a vehicle for you they may offer to drive you to your hotel and pick you up once your car is available. While this isn’t always convenient it will provide a temporary solution to getting you to where you need to go until they can find you a vehicle.

Speak To The Manager
Even if a solution to your issue is found pretty quickly it’s still in your best interest to speak to a manager. They really don’t want to lose your business and will often offer you a voucher or a discount as a way to make up for your inconvenience. If you don’t feel satisfied with their response you can also call the rental car company’s customer service department to voice your dissatisfaction about your experience.


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