Cheapest Cities To Visit In The Caribbean

Cheapest Cities To Visit In The CaribbeanThe Caribbean is an extremely popular place for Americans to visit. There are a lot of destinations to choose from and many of them are pretty cheap to visit. Caribbean Vacation packages are now available to book and the prices are great!

If an affordable vacation is what you are after, consider visiting one of these cities listed below

Puerto Plata
If you are ready for blue skies, beaches to swim at and an amazing vacation, head over to Puerto Plata. There aren’t very many all inclusive resorts here, but you can find 3 star hotels that cost around $50 a night. This area isn’t great for snorkeling as the water isn’t as clear as other places, but that doesn’t seem to deter tourists and this area is one of the most affordable destinations to visit in the Caribbean.

This is considered to be the cheapest place to visit in the Caribbean. A lot of cruise ships will make a stop here and you can even find cheap flights to Cancun at most times of the year. It’s different than many other Caribbean destinations in that it’s not all that close to the beach. However, you’ll have a variety of hotels to choose from that tend to be cheap. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find a 3-star hotel with nightly rates starting at only $30.

Punta Cana
This area is known for its cheap hotels. These are little hole in the wall places that we are talking about. Many travelers can find all-inclusive resorts starting at around $50 a night. Those looking to save the most money can often find a hotel and air package at an amazing rate.

Montego Bay
This area is very busy as there are plenty of things for travelers to do here. Unlike in some other parts of Jamaica, Montego Bay, is very developed. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and nightlife. You will find a lot of resort hotels and almost no independently owned ones. Hotels can be more pricey than other areas in the Caribbean, as they tend to start at around $70 a night, but these are for pretty nice hotels.

If you are looking for a less touristy area, with more independently owned hotels, head over to Negril. You will have to travel about an hour and a half to get from the airport to Negril, but it is worth it for those that want to visit a quieter area. You will find everything from 2-5 star hotels here that start less than $60 a night. A popular spot to visit is the 7-Mile Beach as there are a lot of hotels located right along it.



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