What To Do With Just One Day In Gustavia, St. Barts

What To Do With Just One Day In Gustavia, St. BartsGustavia is a good stop for cruise passengers. The entire island of St. Barts is only 8-square miles so you can easily explore it in just a day. To make the most of your time here, this is what you should do.

Upon arrival to Gustavia you will find a lot of opportunities to shop. This area is known to have a lot of deals on high end designers like Hermes and Louis Vuitton. Some of the most popular shops include:

-Baya which features home decor items.

-Saint-Barth Stock Exchange that offers second hand items.

-M’Bolo which features run made by the shop owner.

Before you head back to the ship, make sure you stop and grab something to eat. There are all sorts of neat little eateries here, including La Creperie that features a variety of French crepes with a lot of different filling options.

After arriving to the port catch a cab over to Shell Beach. The beach is really what makes St. Barts famous. The white sand and turquoise waters draw a lot of travelers in. While here, make sure you enjoy the beach bar Do Brazil. You can also rent a beach chair from them for the entire day so that you can enjoy your meal without worrying about it getting all sandy. Anse a Colombier is a good choice for those that want to visit a more remote beach. You will have to hike a bit from the main road, but those who have visited it before say it’s worth the trek. The waters are calm and there are some fairly interesting rock formations to look at. Anse du Gouverneur features cliffs on both ends with the beach right in the middle. This is a popular location for both locals and tourists as this beach is unspoiled and not very crowded.

There aren’t a lot of historical sites here, but there are a few. One of the more popular ones is the Wall House Museum. It is rather small and you probably won’t spend more than 30-60 minutes here, but there are a few interesting pictures and exhibits. The Swedish Clock Tower and Jail are also both worth seeing. You will need to climb a bit up to the top of a hill to get to them, but they are next to one another. If you stand on the steps of the jail you can see a magnificent view of Gustavia.

This area doesn’t have a shortage of places to grab a drink. Bonito has a variety of craft cocktails as well as an extensive menu. If you would like to enjoy live music right along with a drink, head on over to Baz Bar. Another bar, Orega, features one of a kind drinks as well as plenty of sushi to go right along with them.

Other Options
While in Gustavia you can enjoy a lot of different types of water sports. You can find plenty of opportunities to snorkel, paddle board or go on a boat tour. Many cruise ships will offer these types of excursions so make sure you inquire about them before stepping off of the ship.


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