Bungee Jumping in Soweto

South Africa is known more for it’s safaris rather than its bungee jumping. However, there is a bungee jumping experience that combines both thrills and history. The Orlando Power Station allows thrill-seeking individuals to jump between the two towers. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush the next time you are in Soweto, keep reading.

The Power Station’s Significant Beginnings
The Orlando Power Station was once fired by coal and it was commissioned near the end of World War II. Because of the demand for electricity in the area and the City Generating Station not being able to keep up, the Orlando Power Station was constructed. While construction on it started back in 1939, it wasn’t completed until 1955 because of the war. It was operational for about 50 years. Even after the power station was no longer operational, the towers still stood. They were considered to be a landmark in the area and no one wanted to tear them down. Eventually they were painted and one of them actually has South Africa’s largest painted mural on it. This mural took about 6 months for painters to complete it and features township scenes as well as individuals that are considered to be a significant part of Soweto’s history.

What To Expect
The towers are the perfect spot to do either BASE or bungee jumping. The platform is suspended between the two towers and jumpers bungee from the top. The height of the towers, at 100 metres high, allows jumpers to see a one of a kind view of the area. Jumpers will get to enjoy several different adrenal producing experiences. Not only will they get to bungee jump and base jump, but they will get to enjoy a tower swing that is the first of its kind in the world. Participants are transported to a landing by an open-air lift transport. They will then walk to the rim of the tower on a floating staircase. Once there they will either go to the platform to try the tower swing or to the sky bridge to bungee jump. From the top of the towers to the ground it’s about 33 stories. The swing allows jumpers the opportunity to freefall around 40 metres until the cable snaps them back up and keeps them from plummeting to the earth. For those that just want to watch jumpers, there is a viewing platform as well.



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