Millennials Choosing Destination Weddings More Than Any Other Generation

Millennials destination weddingsMillenials are a very interesting generation. They don’t mind spending a ton on their education, but can be frugal in a lot of other areas. A surprising trend among them is that they are choosing to have destination weddings more than any other generation. There are several reasons why this trend is happening, but one of the most important reasons is that they are prioritizing the guest experience, along with cutting back on the stress of a traditional wedding.

Here are other reasons Destinations Weddings are so popular for Millennials:

It Appeals To Their Frugal Side
Sure, destination weddings can be expensive, but not always as expensive as a traditional wedding. The bride and groom will have the normal costs like paying for an officiant and a venue, but less people will generally come to their wedding. This means not having to pay as much for things like food or alcohol. By saving money on these these areas it allows for a very cost effective experience. Also, some hotels do offer free weddings during on a weekday, or discounted prices if enough people are traveling with you to attend your wedding. The bride and groom usually also get complimentary upgrades or even a free room night depending on the size of the group.

They Can Make Meaningful Memories
Millenials are known for wanting to make everything they do count. This means that when then get married they want to do so in a meaningful way. A standard church wedding just won’t do for this generation. Getting married should be an experience that they will fondly remember, in part due to the uniqueness of the venue.

It’s A One Of A Kind Experience
Millenials love to post photos on social media and the more unique it is, the better. Destination weddings allow them to be the envy of their friends. They can get quite a few “likes” by posting their pictures on their social media accounts which will stroke their ego and make their friends wish they were them, even if it’s just for a moment.

They Like To Travel
It’s not surprising that millennials like to travel. This is one reason why they opt to combine marriage and travel into one. It’s the perfect excuse to visit somewhere new and to maybe go somewhere that they would love to go, but never could justify spending the money to travel there.

There Are So Many Different Options
One of the great things about destination weddings is that there are so many different options available. If you want to go on a cruise and have the actual ceremony onboard, you can do that. If you’d rather fly to Paris and get married in an outdoor garden, you can do that as well. Because of the amount of different options available for destination weddings, it can be a big appeal for millennials.


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